What Is BS 3632 And Why Should You Care?

Residential mobile homes are often at the start of a search for an annexe in the back garden and for good reason.
The Hampton - Luxury Garden Lodge
This spectacular residential mobile home is an example of what can be achieved in residential mobile annexe design today with a Certificate of Lawfulness.

But what many of people will not know is that in November 2015 the current standard of mobile homes and leisure lodges was updated and upgraded with an emphasis on improved energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of old style residential park homes.

The new standard brings modern residential mobile homes and leisure lodges (like our Caravan Act Annexes) to Residential Specification BS 3632 :2015 making them more than suitable for year round living.

These new energy efficient and well insulated buildings bear no resemblance to the out dated EN1647 standard that used to apply to Holiday Homes on Holiday Parks.

Just like today’s modern homes, today’s Residential Mobile Homes are every bit as good as what is often referred to as a “build on site annexe” but with the added perks of being able to be sited on your land with a Certificate of Lawfulness.


All annexes are classed as mobile homes

We’ve been at the fore-front of “evolution of annexes” in the UK over the last 8 years.

Since we started out at the Ideal Home Show back in 2011, we’ve been involved in supplying & installing annexes of all types ranging from Swedish Log Mobile homes which were imported from Sweden in kit form and provided a well insulated mobile home at a very competitive price.

We then saw the demand for “real little homes” increase as more people asked for traditional plaster-finish interior walls (instead of wood inside and out) and fully fitted kitchens and bespoke floor plans.

The build on site custom annexe is a service we still offer and it’s a very popular one with people looking to experience self-building on a smaller scale.

This one is in Shropshire.
Gaining Planning approval will always be required for this type of annexe. You may also find that some Local Planning Authorities now have annexe policies in place which might reduce your desired specification and size.

Our success rate is very high and some compromises may be required for planning permission to be approved.

Everything our customers tend to love about this type of building is sometimes a concern for some Local Planning Authorities who may not consider the annexe to be ancillary to the main house if the size and specification is too big and too high.

For Example

A two bedroom annexe with a utility room, large master bedroom with en-suite and fully fitted kitchen might not be considered ancillary to the main house, especially if the main house is a 3 bedroom semi-detached property.

This has become more challenging for build on site annexes although we do maintain a high success rate as we work with your Local Planning Authority closely on your behalf as part of our turn-key service.

So what do we recommend as the best way to build an annexe?

Every garden and every annexe or lodge need is different.

70% or more are typically for elderly care of some kind, and should be granted Planning Permission without a hitch, although there are no guarantees we know from our extensive experience that if there are medical reasons why a member of your family needs special care an annexe is the most cost effective and best solution for all concerned.

With Care Home costs typically being £1,000 to £1500 per week or more in the UK right now a custom annexe or garden lodge will usually pay for itself in under 2 years.
And become something other family members can benefit from in years to come. Annexes are very sustainable buildings that promote an economic, social and environmental role as outlined within the National Planning Policy.

The residential mobile home or garden lodge alternative

We’ve been in the annexe building industry for a good number of years and have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting trends.

With the amount of new homes being built in the UK today averaging 300,000 per year construction costs are increasing for both materials and labour.


So whereas the cost of a build on site annexe in the last few years was the most cost-effective way to build an annexe in your back garden; the new BS3632 standard mobile home annexes or garden lodges are now becoming increasingly popular for several key reasons:-
"one bedroom garden lodge"
We cordially invite you to take a fresh look at how residential mobile annexes or garden lodges look today
In Summary

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