What Is A Turnkey Service? And What’s Included?

We are one of the few companies that offer a complete start to finish annexe building service that includes applying for Planning Permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness on your behalf.

It’s called a “turnkey” service because that’s literally all you have to do: Turn the key in the door at the end and walk in.

Turnkey services are popular with people who simply want the easiest way to manage a major project like an annexe and have someone take care of everything for them.

It also matches the demand today for a solution that fits our busy lifestyles when all we really want to do is to wind down at the end of the day and catch up with our families.

It sure beats trying to handle the project yourself and is hands-down the most popular service we offer.

Here’s what’s included…


Design And Free On-Site Consultation: (Included In Our Turnkey Service)

If you are serious about building a residential mobile home or custom granny annexe in your garden you will want to speak to someone first about whether or not it is possible.

Contrary to popular belief, ALL mobile homes that are going to be lived in need permission from your Local Planning Authority.

There are two types we recommend, depending on the individual circumstances and requirements of the plot size and any relevant Planning Policies that might be in force in your area.

1. Householder Planning Permission (the preferred route for many people looking to build an annexe or mobile home in the garden.)

2. A Certficate of Lawfulness (also referred to as permission under the “Caravan Act”)

The main difference between the two is that:-

Planning permission is development of the land and your Local Planning Authority will provide full guidelines on what size, style design, materials and facilities your granny annexe is permitted to have.

(In some cases this defies common sense and frequently involves compromise on the part of the customer.)

A Certificate of Lawfulness allows you to site a mobile home on your land (as you would a Caravan or Boat) which can then be used as ancillary accommodation to the main house.

You can read more about both options in our article about Planning Permission and the Caravan Act by clicking here.

Either way we handle your application for you for a fee of £1,950. (This includes design, drawings, your application and dealing with your application on your behalf.) We use Planning experts in this field to handle this for you.


Foundations & Connections To Mains Services : (Included In Our Turnkey Service)

Every residential mobile home or granny annexe must be connected to the existing services of the main house.

This is non negotiable as it forms part of the ancillary link that an annexe must have to the main house.

A granny annexe (even a mobile granny annexe) is rarely sold on as it is usually built for a family member and there will be conditions within your Planning Permission that will clearly state that it must be used by a family member and can never be sold separately.

We recommend water, sewerage and electrics your mains services.

This keeps the cost of connecting to your main services reasonable even if additional underground pumps are required for either sewerage or water.

We determine the cost of connecting to your main services as part of our initial Free Onsite Consulation Service and provide a cost within a written quotation that follows shortly after our visit.


Supply & Build Of Your Residential Mobile Lodge Style Annexe Or Custom On-Site Annexe Build: (Included In Our Turnkey Service)

We offer the widest choice of Residential Mobile Home Annexes or On-Site Custom Build Annexes available.

Most people combine elements of them both.

Not all gardens are suitable for the easiest route to a garden annexe which is the fully furnished Residential Mobile Home route combined with a Certificate of Lawfulness.

It’s by far the most straight forward way to securing a stunning, well insulated modern open plan living space at a size and design that you probably will not be able to achieve with an on-site granny annexe build.

There are always exceptions depending on your Local Planning Authority who would make everyone’s life a lot easier if they fully supported multi-generation living in the UK today.

If there are restrictions that prevent a Residential Mobile Lodge being delivered in two halves and erected on site (to your prepared foundations and service connections) then an on site build granny annexe is your best bet.

Despite what you may think, neither one is superior to the other and BOTH give you a beautiful end result.

BOTH are also mobile homes although most Local Planning Authorities will be far more familiar with Residential Mobile Homes that can be removed if required at a later date.

Build on site mobile homes can be moved in the future as they are built as mobile homes, however the cost of doing so may well be as much as the original annexe cost again.

Whereas Residential Mobile Home Lodges are easily moved if required and can be sold if they are no longer required.


Where To Start? Book A Free On Site Consultation for the best free advice in the business.

We offer a free on-site consultation service in most areas of the UK which gives US a chance to see & hear what you have planned and offer you the best advice from years of experience.

It also offers YOU the opportunity to get ALL your questions answered in an informal and friendly way.

Alternatively we can arrange to meet you at our centrally located show site where you can begin your annexe journey by checking out some of the best Residential Mobile Home Lodges available.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The choice is yours!



  • A turn-key service is one where we take care of everything for your from start to finish.
  • Free Onsite Consultation – included.
  • We prepare and submit your Planning Permission or Certificate of Lawfulness application – included.
  • Foundations and connections to services – included.
  • Supply & install your new Residential Mobile Lodge or Granny Annexe. – included.
  • Leaving you to turn the key & move in.

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