3 Stunning Virtual Annexe Tours Plus An Invitation To The Show Centre

Annexes have a fascination about them that is simply irresistible. 

The thought of downsizing to a stylish annexe at the bottom of the garden is something many people are thinking about doing right now and in the future.

Releasing equity in your main home and downsizing to an annexe can help family members and create a lifestyle change for many that improves their overall quality of life.

Just being able to sit in your favourite chair surrounded by the birds twittering in the trees in a tranquil garden setting is something many of us aspire to later in life.

And being close to family members today is more common place than ever before with Grandparents often involved in full or part-time child care, school runs and enjoying holidays and time together.

So if that sounds like you & you were wondering just what annexe living might feel or look like, you are in for a treat! 

Below you will find 3 virtual annexe tours you can walk through with a click of your mouse or with a tap on your iPad together with an invitation to visit the show centre (located in the Northampton area) to see them for yourself. 

Virtual Annexe Tour #1 The Foresters SU Lodge

From £ 77,965 (42′ x 14′ / 12.8m x 4.2m) – Fully Furnished

The Foresters SU residential mobile home annexe has the perfect floor plan for a long narrow plot of land or garden. 

With it’s glazed frontage and well designed open plan living / dining /kitchen area it makes a perfect annexe for a single parent, a young person’s first-home or for elderly care.

 As with all our residential mobile annexes of this type, The Foresters SU complies with the Caravan Act and requires a Certificate of Lawfulness to site in your back garden.

Virtual Annexe Tour #2 The Bowmoor Lodge

From £ 111,609 (40′ x 20′ / 12m x 6.0m) – Fully Furnished

The Bowmoor residential mobile home annexe has a beautiful vaulted ceiling to the lounge / kitchen / dining area for you to enjoy modern open plan living at it’s best.

From the dormer above the front entrance door to the french doors opening out to the garden from the main living area, this beautiful modern style annexe can yours for less than £112,000 fully furnished.

Virtual Annexe Tour #3 The Lookout Lodge

From £ 193,989 (45′ x 22′ / 13.7m x 6.7m) – Fully Furnished

We meet a lot of people looking to free up equity and downsize to annexe living but they can’t quite find an annexe floor plan that provides them with enough living space.

If that sounds like you, then we cordially invite you to take a look at our top of the range residential mobile annexe, The Lookout.

Why Not Take An Actual Tour And Visit The Show Centre?

If you are serious about annexe living, you really do owe it to yourself to set aside half a day to visit the Show Centre and learn more about the Beauty of Annexe Living today.

Whether you choose or adapt an existing floor plan or create your own, we can accommodate your specific requirements and either build your annexe on site with our custom annexe option or have it manufactured as a residential mobile home.

The choice is yours!

As with all things today, the online world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube will only get you so far when it comes to designing your own annexe or finding one that suits your exact plot, size and budget.

When it comes to understanding the size, choice, layout & quality of an annexe, nothing beats seeing them in real life & that’s exactly what we can help you do!

In What Order Should I Go About Looking Into Annexe Living Further?

  1. Start with Google or Pinterest for “granny annexe” or “granny annexe floor plans”for design inspiration.
  2. If you like a more contemporary style of annexe, it might be worth searching for “contemporary granny annexe” or “modern annexe”.
  3. Once you have found a floor plan, size and budget that suits you, find out if the floor plan is flexible and can be adapted to your specific plot. We find most “out the box” floor plans simply do not work in most people’s gardens.
  4. There are so many variable to take into account such as size, various trees, fences and boundaries, which aspect gets the most sunlight etc, it’s best to talk to someone first.
  5. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel with annexe designing, at the end of the day most floor plans have already been created by forward thinking companies today and will only require a few tweaks to suit you.
  6. Be realistic with your budget, annexes are every bit as challenging as building a home from scratch. They also take time to get through planning and time to build.
  7. Talk things through with your family and think about your every day needs. Most people who live in annexes have much more active lives and intend to travel more, have less stress and enjoy a more financially free full life.
  8. Get a Free On-Site Consultation to assess Planning Permission, foundations and service connections.
  9. Visit a show model or show centre to see one for real.

And That’s Exactly Where We Come In When You Book A Free On-Site Consultation With Us.

We’ll help you decide whether annexe living is right for you, help you come up with a floor plan, size and budget that suits you wherever possible and arrange a visit to the show centre as the next step.

It’s a win / win!

"Book A Free On Site Consultation"

We consider ourselves to be the best free advice you’ll get anywhere in the annexe sector and if you have a question, please feel free to contact us on the website or on our Facebook page if that’s easier for you.


  • If you are serious about annexe living, take half a day out & visit a show centre where you can get a real feeling for what annexe living is like.
  • Don’t dismiss an annexe floor plan that is almost exactly what you need, find out if you can make changes to adapt it to your plot, size and budget.
  • Invest in a free on-site consultation and approach annexe living with an open mind, there are many more ways to achieve a successful result than you realise.

Arrange To View This Stunning Lodge At The Show Centre

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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