Try Granny Annexe Living Before You Buy


If you ever wondered what living in a granny annexe at the bottom of the garden actually felt like, this could be the perfect way to try annexe living before you buy.

A granny annexe in the garden is a dream for many people right now who are looking for the best way to free up equity, help family members and enjoy being part of the family again.

Having been in quite a few more annexes myself than most I can only tell you from experience that there is a certain calm and tranquillity to garden annexe living that can only be truly understood by visiting one.

But as most granny annexes are homes for the annexe owners to enjoy it’s not always practical or indicative of real granny annexe living unless you can experience it for yourself, in your own time and get a feel for it by staying in one.

And that’s exactly what you can do when you book your stay at Parkville


"Granny Annexe in garden"

Parkville is one of the most stunning annexes in our portfolio of garden annexes and has been made to look utterly idyllic with clever landscaping and lighting to create a tranquil garden retreat that you’ll fall in love with if you decide to book your own garden annexe stay.

Cooking Up A Delightful Annexe Experience

So here’s the process we are all familiar with when it comes to thinking about making a major purchase.

  • For a new car, we’ll usually take a test drive.
  • For a new home, we’ll usually visit a show home or arrange a viewing.
  • To sample annexe living for real? Book a short stay in one of our annexes that is currently an Airbnb.

“Now you can combine the best of everything when you book your garden annexe stay 

"granny annexe"
Self-catering in a stylish garden annexe
"Granny Annexe"
Sample annexe living for real in this stunning Contemporary style garden annexe

Cheers To Sampling Real Granny Annexe Living

The opportunity to see for yourself what real garden annexe living is like could not be easier or be more real than actually staying in one of our annexes.

You can see & experience for yourself:-

  • The quality of the build itself.
  • The level of facilities you can expect in your annexe.
  • What garden annexe living actually feels like.
  • Time to really think about annexe living & what it would mean to you.

Plus what it’s really like having “neighbours” in the main house.  The rest is up to you and your imagination but what a great place to start on your garden or granny annexe journey.

Close To Loved Ones But Independent

This lovely garden annexe faces the main house from the bottom of the beautifully landscaped garden and has its own private decked area.

The main house is in an elevated position overlooking the annexe.

The aspect of garden annexe living you can only experience by staying in an annexe like this rather than simply visiting one is what it really would be like to have a real little home of your own at the bottom of the garden with loved ones in the main house. 

By booking your stay in one of our annexes you will have time to relax, collect your thoughts & find out whether annexe living really is for you or not.


"Granny Annexe"
A whole new view on annexe living for real
"granny annexe"

Try Before You Buy

Parkville is located in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in Staffordshire in a delightful setting near woodland.

It’s fully furnished and has 5 star ratings on Airbnb 

"granny annexe airbnb"

If you book your stay in Parkville & go on to purchase a granny annexe from Contemporary Log Living, we’ll refund the price of your stay! So remember to keep your receipt & tell us when you book a free on-site consultation with one of our specialised custom annexe experts.

Interested In Great Advice About Annexe Living ?

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"Custom Annexe"
In Summary

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