The Essentials Of Creating A Cosy Guest Room


It’s that time of the year again when putting up guests at Christmas may be something you love (or dread). For some people a spare room is an essential part of the home even with a busy family life.

Guests at Christmas is something we have all enjoyed at some time and preparing for their stay becomes part of the festive activities.

The spare room is often one of the most pristine rooms of the house (due to its lack of use for most of the year) but when you to make sure your guests feel like they at home, there are a few essentials that make creating a cosy guest room even easier.

Taupe Is The Perfect Colour For A Restful Guest Room

Planning your guest room should start with calm restful colours for everybody’s taste (think luxury hotel here and you won’t go far wrong).

You can enhance the feel of the room by using crisp white linen and lots of scatter cushions to help give your guests that “never been lived in” look that they will love.

Make sure you add a chair and bedside tables plus think about black out lined curtains to help give your guests a good night’s sleep.

For Added Glamour Choose Chrome And Black

Add a sophisticated feel to your guest room by choosing glamorous accessories in silver and chrome with a strong black accent in the furniture and accessories.

Your guest room is usually the area of the house that stands a good chance of staying pristine if you have young children and it should be a no go zone for any play items or food that could spoil the look and feel of this peaceful retreat.

For A More Country House Feel Opt For Classic Colours And Antiques

A great way to add light to any room is by placing a mirror behind the bedside lamps, it looks extremely chic. Whether you choose contemporary and modern styling or more of a antique feel like the one above, choose muted colours rather than anything  too vibrant for your guest room.

The classic antique look is all about the furniture pieces, and accessories that add interest.

With the muted patterns that tone in to the colours of the room beautifully to give a totally coordinated look.

White table lamps and fresh flowers or plants finish the look off to perfection (although you probably want to skip the white curtains unless your guests are early risers.)

For Hotel City Chic Add Touches Of Grandeur

If you want to impress your guests, think about using the full height of the room and add touches of grandeur to your décor.

Large bedside lamps, a decadent lampshade or chandelier and long curtains or stain full height headboard all add touches of glamour to this city chic guest bedroom idea.

Simple framed prints, crisp white linen  and a toning footstool complete the look.

Don’t Forget Today’s New Essential For Guests!

Your guests will be thrilled to find you have thought ahead and provided them with your wi-fi password connection key presented in a pretty frame in the guest room.

Love it or hate it, the internet is a way of everyday life today so with a little bit of extra thought your guests will be amazed at how thoughtful you have been.

Be Our Guest Pillow!

How cute is this!

Disney fans of Beauty & Beast will start humming the song the moment they see the lovely pillow that takes centre stage in the guest bedroom.

It’s fun to have guests to stay especially in the holidays. What better way to make them feel completely at home than with some of this wonderful cosy guest bedroom ideas.


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