How To Start An Airbnb Business The Easy Way

Whether you love it or hate it, have used it or would never use it Airbnb is still growing in popularity and challenging the hotel industry when it comes to short stay and holiday accommodation.

According to Statista.com recent figures showed that:-

In the United Kingdom (UK) Airbnb had over 223 thousand active listings in 2018. From July 2017 to July 2018 such Airbnb hosts welcomed a total of 8.4 million guests into their accommodation. UK users of Airbnb outweighed the number of inbound guests, with 11.1 million guests from the UK renting Airbnb properties in the UK and elsewhere. 

So as specialists in helping small Guest Lodge businesses get up & running with our Guest Lodge packages, we thought we’d add that we can also help you set up an Airbnb business the easy way with our range of residential lodges that are a perfect fit for Airbnb too.

With more people than ever before playing it smart and staying open minded with their travelling plans and budgets today, you could easily find yourself with a little Airbnb business that quickly pays your mortgage each and every month.

And because Airbnb accommodation is often home based, a residential lodge can be the perfect answer if you have a decent sized garden or are looking to diversify a plot of land you have.

There Is No Need To Reinvent The Wheel When It Comes To Airbnb Accommodation

With over 15 styles of lodges to choose from, ranging from £85,000 to just under £200,000 we have the perfect “out-the-box” solution for instant Airbnb self-catering superb quality accommodation.

They even come fully furnished and decorated so once we obtain Planning Permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness for you and it’s delivered and connected to your mains services (we take care of all that for you) you are ready to start welcoming guests to your new Airbnb lodge!

Attracting Guests To Your Airbnb Via The Airbnb Website

Once you have the idea of setting up and running an Airbnb business for yourself, you will quickly wonder how on earth you get paying guests?

Airbnb in the UK has a website where you list yourself as an Airbnb host https://www.airbnb.co.uk/host/homes

This adds your Airbnb listing as a place to stay for people searching for short stay accommodation in your area on the main website.

Listing your Airbnb on the Airbnb website is free at the time of writing this.

You Are In Control Of Your Airbnb And Who Stays In It

Airbnb encourages and assists you with being able to choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests.

You will be able to message guests prior to their stay and ask them any questions you have.

There is also a Host Guarantee in place for you to rest assured that Airbnb have your best interests covered if something should go wrong.

On the Airbnb website it states:- We know it’s a priority to trust the people staying in your home. Airbnb allows you to set strict requirements for who can book and to get to know guests before their stay.
If something does come up, though, we have your back. With our Host Guarantee covering property damage and our Host Protection Insurance for liability, you’re supported as a host throughout.

We’ll Put You In Front Of Thousands Of People Each And Every Month

You may have stumbled across Contemporary Log Living with a Google search or perhaps you’ve seen us on Facebook?

Either way, when you buy an Airbnb lodge from us, we’ll get you noticed by putting you in front of our audience each and every month, just as we do our Guest Lodge business owners.

It’s always a win / win for our business customers who find that being able to use our Google and Facebook traffic offers a real boost to their business.

That makes setting up your Airbnb business for next year as easy as possible.


  • As specialists in helping people set up Guest Lodge businesses, we can also help you set up an Airbnb business too.
  • Our lodges are already homes & holiday lodges to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK and they make perfect guest accommodation for the booming Airbnb market.
  • We can help you obtain the relevant permission to build a lodge in your garden for domestic or commercial use.
  • And with over 15 lodges to choose from, all fully furnished and ready to move in, your Airbnb can be up and running in just a few months from today and potentially earning you a second income you can count on for years to come.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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