5 Simple Steps To An Effective Small Space Storage Strategy

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When it comes to annexes, small space storage solutions are an important consideration just as they would be in any home. 

We are lucky to work with a superb design team who design and manufacture all our residential lodge style annexes and they specialise in designing floor plans with maximum storage.

Creating the right flow in your annexe is an important way to make it feel and function like a real home.

We also get some great ideas and input into annexe designing from our customers who opt for for one of our custom build on site annexes.

So we usually come up with a great working solution between us all that suits the overall design and style the customer wants AND meets their needs when it comes to appliances, easy maintenance and of course storage solutions.

Although people’s first perception of an annexe is that they may be small, most are the same size as an average apartment or bungalow.

We recently wrote an article that compares annexe sizes to bungalows that you can read by clicking here.

So we thought we’d put together 5 simple steps that anyone can follow that maximize small space storage ideas based on our experience with our design team and our customers. 

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1. Choose Colours That Help Create A Feeling Of Space

Keep 80% of your colours neutral throughout your home or annexe as this will help create an illusion of space.

By using the same colours throughout your home or annexe you will also create a flow that feels totally co-ordinated helping you to feel more relaxed just like a show home does.

It also makes shopping for accessories more fun when you know exactly what colours you are using and you can add a splash of colour in your accessories that is both interchangeable room to room and easy to update every time you want a fresh look.

All our residential lodge style annexes are designed for you to see yourself living in them.

And one of the most popular aspects of our lodge ranges is that you can choose your carpets, curtains, blinds & sofas in a wide choice of colours and fabrics to match your individual style preference.

Hence no two annexes or lodges are ever exactly the same.

2. Make Full Use Of Every Space

"Majestic Lodge Style Annexe"

We live in a world where storage solutions for every space are readily available.

As part of annexe living involves downsizing for most people, creating a clean, well organised space is the top of most people’s wish-list.

Think about every space and double up wherever you can to maximise storage in all the important areas.

Some ideas to get you started planning ahead might include:-

  • Taking the time to assess how you will need to store everything & what can be built in to your design to create effective storage.
  • Are wardrobes built in?
  • Is there a coat cupboard?
  • Is there vertical storage space for brooms & mops, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners?
  • What appliances do you use the most?
  • Do you need a study area?
  • You’ll never regret extra drawers in your kitchen
  • Integrated appliances save space and give a streamlined look.
  • Open shelving like in the Majestic kitchen above helps keep your most used items close together and easy to put away when not in use.
  • Is there a utility cupboard?
  • A dual washer / dryer takes up half the space.
  • Make the most of storage containers to store dried goods (pasta & cereals) or pantry items (baking supplies, jars and spices)
  • If space allows add in a pull our larder, you’ll love it’s convenience and a slimline one takes up very little space.
  • Dishwashers can be slimline.
  • Visit IKEA and stock up with some of their drawer organisers, they have a magic effect on helping create a home or annexe that “has a place for everything and everything in it’s place.
"granny annexe interior design tips"

3. Ditch The Clutter

For a lot of our annexe customers their home has been home to them for decades.

It may even have been where the children grew up and memories were made.

For certain there will be loft areas, closets, cupboards and boxes that need sifting and sorting before you begin your new annexe chapter in life.

Decluttering helps make way for new things to come into your life.

It can be daunting, yes, but also very therapeutic.

It’s also a bit like Pringles, once you start you can’t stop! 😉

Very often we see a whole new persona emerge during the process as our customers see the opportunity for a fresh start.

That’s the Beauty of Annexe living of course!

You might like to read our 10 top downsizing tips too while you are here 😉

Some tips on de-cluttering without overwhelm may include:-

  • Start with a small space first. You’ll gain confidence once you’ve started.
  • photograph sentimental items and create a collage of them as artwork, that way they become treasured and on display rather than hidden away in a box.
  • Make a day of your wardrobe and be ruthless with items you haven’t worn in years.
  • Donate things to charity if it makes parting with things easier or recycle if you know things are past their best.
  • Go down by half everywhere first, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the task in hand,
  • Enlist the help of your family members when it comes to creating a new capsule wardrobe that is suited to your new life.
  • And ladies we only ever need a reasonable amount of shoes.

4. Create A Pinterest Board For Your Annexe & Start Collecting

A lot of our annexe customers delight in showing how they have pinned lots of ideas to their Granny Annexe Boards on Pinterest.

We are on PINTEREST if you want to follow us too!

Pinterest is like creating a mood board of your new annexe space that allows you to easily collect ideas from websites & Google and “PIN” them to your Pinterest board.

Here are some we’ve found to get you started …

5. Use Every Vertical Space Available

When it comes to small space living and designing, you have to rethink the space from every angle.

Using every vertical space you can really helps pack in a whole lot of storage space in a neat and organised way.

In your living space create a media wall on the largest vertical space for your TV, books, accessories and added storage.

And if you can add a fireplace or a wall mounted modern fire, great!

For clothes storage think about adding vertical shelving, rails and drawers to your wardrobe space (sliding doors take up less space and offer the best solution to create a walk-in style wardrobe that doesn’t need a lot of space to work beautifully.

"Small Dressing Room Ideas"
"Small Dressing Room Ideas"
"small dressing room ideas"

We recently wrote an article about small dressing room ideas that has been re-pinned over 5,000 times on Pinterest!

If you are still stuck with organising your wardrobe, check out Martha Stewart’s closet organisation system for inspiration..


  • Small space storage solutions are a practical way to organise your new home or annexe, clutter of any kind usually make you feel less able to relax.
  • If you are designing an annexe from scratch, don’t just focus on the floor plan, reinvent the space from a small storage perspective and create a flow that works for you.
  • Start de-cluttering in a small space, gain confidence and work from there. A little done every day to your favourite music is less overwhelming that tackling the job all at once.
  • Use every available space and maximise vertical spaces.
  • Take inspiration from websites & Google and create a Pinterest board for project.

We work with you to help you design your space so it suits you, your specific requirements and whenever possible your budget.

Why not book an appointment to visit the show site when you are ready for more inspiration in a day than you’ll ever get anywhere else!

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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