Small Gardens With Big Inspiration For Outdoor Living Area Ideas


Outdoor living areas in UK gardens are changing for the better.

For a nation that is often obsessed with the weather one thing is certain, when the sun comes out so do we! And our love of making the most of the great outdoors whatever the weather has been a growing trend for several years.

After some lovely summer weather more of us (even with small back gardens) are investing in upgrading those white plastic patio sets to glamorous new outdoor rattan sofas, dining sets and more as we enjoy more comfortable outdoor living spaces than ever before.

Inspired by both our European neighbours and their stunning courtyards and of course the USA, Australia and New Zealand where BBQ’s and outdoor cooking and entertaining are a way of life (having more sunshine helps!).

We’ve put together some of our favourite outdoor living areas for small and medium-sized gardens that will have you rethinking your outdoor living spaces for years to come.

A covered area with a roaring fire

Even if you have a balcony or decked area outside your patio with clever screening and a pergola roof area you can enjoy plenty of Spring, Summer & Autumn evenings in front of a cosy outdoor fire relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family in a setting like the one above.

On trend right now are long open flame fire pits (which can be a hazard for young children of course) … or indeed adults that may have enjoyed a few too many glasses of wine 😉 

The outdoor kitchen is set in stone and is perfect for patio parties with friends or a space to relax and unwind at the end of your day.

The whole look is complimented by the hanging planters, flowers and that stunning outdoor lamp.

Green and white look just as fresh outdoors

Proving  that green and white as a colour scheme work equally as well outdoors as indoors is this stunning formal garden pictured above.

With steps leading up to the deck from the vibrant green lawn the soft landscaping helps screen this area perfectly to create a stunning outdoor living area at the bottom of the garden.

What adds to the overall effect is the continued white and green planting and soft landscaping that picks out the white accent colour among architectural leafy green plants and grasses either side of the outdoor living area.

The whole look is finished off with the lovely rattan outdoor furniture for a cosy private part of the garden you’ll just love.

Small garden, great outdoor living area design

This back garden is typical of the size of the small plots that come with new housing today.

But it just goes to show that with a clever design you can have areas for work, rest and play that combine to create this stunning outdoor living area.

Small family gardens have to work hard, so careful planning and design are vital if you are to have everything you need in such a small area.

Making a strong colour accent of the red parasol and chairs help create a stylish outdoor living space that extends the home into the garden.

With a small garden like the one above, planting for screening and privacy is important so think tall planting, climbing plants and evergreen if possible.

Defining each area of the garden first makes it easy to maintain and keep clean and tidy.

Lighting adds a new dimension at dusk to your outdoor living area

This garden is distinctly girlie.

With beautiful fairy lights, candles, lanterns and soft drapes it is dressed as if it was indoors rather than on a decked area.

The outdoor seating allows for dining and relaxing with the outdoor sofas tucked away in the centre of the design for maximum privacy.

Topiary style planting adds to the formal design style and the lighting helps create a totally different mood as the sun goes down.

Low maintenance is achieved by the use of decking, which is quicker to dry than concrete slabs if it rains and is easier to keep pristine.

 This is the kind of outdoor space for people who like to create something different and when weather permits opens up the house to the garden for the perfect outdoor living area in a distinctly feminine style.

Rattan outdoor furniture provides comfort and style to your outdoor living area

Creating an outdoor living space today is more of an extension of our dining / living room than ever before and the look can easily be achieved by investing in the lovely ranges of rattan outdoor furniture that we all have available to us.

Try Ebay for some amazing deals at off peak times of the year. When the Summer months take hold the prices go up.

We have certainly come a long way from those white plastic patio sets!

Remember them?

Wooden planters are the perfect way to echo the rattan colour and style and flaming torches are one of the easiest ways to make sure your outdoor living area looks magical at night too.

Remember to add some insect repelling candles and lanterns to an outdoor cooking area to keep those pesky flies and wasps away.

In Summary

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