Introducing Our New Signature Garden Studios

At Last A Stylish, Modern Garden Studio Range That’s As Individual As You Are!

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“We’re very excited to announce our new range of Signature Garden Studios. Built in SIPS for strength & year round use, choices of external cladding so you can create the look you want plus a whole host of customisable features to make it as individual as you are! “


Working from home is something that more of us enjoy today than ever before thanks to the power of the internet and software that allows us to communicate with people and places with just a few clicks of a mouse.

When our Grandson was little our Swedish Log Cabin office at the bottom of the garden was an absolute Godsend. (It was the only way we could anything done)

(here they both are in all the snow last year) 

But as with all things today, things, tastes & styles change very quickly.

Having started Contemporary Log Living in 2011 when we were part of the sales and marketing team at the Ideal Home Show showcasing a Swedish SIPS Log Home it was all the rage to import Swedish or Finnish Log Homes for self-building.

These little gems were affordable, came fully insulated, had been used for generations in countries far colder than the UK around the world and came in kit form for a fairly straight forward installation by a qualified team.


We’re English and not ALL of us like to live with wood on the outside and inside. ?

And our tastes in interior and home designs have changed quite considerably in the last few years and so have our tastes and preferences when it comes to Garden Studios.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use one of our Signature Garden Studios to add that all important work, rest or play lifestyle element to your life. 

Here are our current TOP 10 ideas based on what all you clever people out there are doing with these amazing new buildings:-

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#1. Work From Home Signature Garden Studio

According to the Federation of Small Businesses  Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) contributed these statistics to the UK economy in 2018:-

  • Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2018 and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs).
  • Total employment in SMEs was 16.3 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK.
  • The combined annual turnover of SMEs was £2.0 trillion, 52% of all private sector turnover.

And as we’ve come to terms with trying to achieve a better, more healthy work / life balance more and more of us are choosing to shun the commute time, business rates and high office rentals in favour of a designated home or garden office where we can easily find ourselves more focused, less distracted and happier. 

Work from home Signature Studios typically consist of a SIPS fully insulated Studio complete with electrics, laminate flooring and can be supplied either with or without a shower room. 

Oh and bi-fold doors across the front elevation are extremely popular for when the sun starts to shine and you update your Facebook profile with a picture showing you relaxing with your laptop, salad and long cool drink at 1.00pm on your work from home lunch break.

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 #2. Teenage Apartment In The Garden Or Guest Room

"signature studios"

We speak to dozens of people every month who have teenagers, 20 & 30 year olds wondering what on earth they are going to do to help them get a place of their own?

 There are parents out there looking for solutions and one of them that can help is a Signature Studio that doubles as temporary accommodation.

There are a lot of claims out there that suggest you can live in an annexe without permission, this is simply not the case. (You can read our article about Granny Annexes and Planning Permission by clicking here)

However what you CAN do is create a teenage den or temporary guest room (with a shower room if required) as temporary accommodation with one of our Signature Studios.

Guest Room Signature Studios typically benefit from a lounge / bed area with a shower room, toilet & vanity unit. With carefully chosen storage and well thought out furniture and furnishings you have the perfect place for your 20 something to live independently, and save up for their deposit without throwing money away on renting.

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 #3. Man Caves

"signature studio man cave"

One of today’s most wanted lifestyle elements for a lot of young men looking for a zone to call their own is fondly referred to as a Man Cave.

And Signature Studios are perfect for creating them.

Whether it’s a few cans of beer with your mates, watching the latest big match on TV or enjoying some dedicated time and space to your favourite sport or pastime, a Signature Studio can literally be the answer to everything you ever wanted and more in your Man Cave.

Constructed from SIPS it’s a fully insulated building for year round use with the advantage of being able to finish your new Man Cave as you want both inside and out.

That means if you need mood lighting, USB points and extra sockets for all your gizmos and gadgets you can!

And maybe a Beer Cooler too  .. ?

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 #4. She Dens or She Sheds

"she den"

Hot on the heels of the Man Cave comes the She Den or She Shed. 

Ever since John Gray’s best-selling book, Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus came along, we’ve come to terms with agreeing that for every Yin there’s a Yang and that Man Caves and She Dens are a modern expression that men and women in general like different things.

A zen-like Signature Studio painted white and filled with Kelly Hoppen candles, crystals and a yoga mat may make most men run a mile.

But a Signature Studio She Den can be the perfect space in which to relax, recharge and renew your energy any time you need to.

It can also be the place where that crazy idea of yours turns into your first best-selling novel!

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 #5. Your Own YouTube Studio

Video making, editing and your own Company YouTube Channel (we’re just learning the ropes!) is BIG business today. 

Whether you are a company like us looking to utilize YouTube in better ways or you have a passion for making videos, a Signature Studio makes the perfect video studio for completely undisturbed video making, editing and creation.

With Signature Studios SIPS construction offering superb insulation and sound proofing qualities you can set up your own YouTube video creation studio which you could even think about hiring it out to a budding Steven Spielberg or Dan TDM (just 20 million YouTube subscribers to his name by the way) when not in use if you really wanted to.

YouTube prides itself on over 1.9 billion logged in users and over 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute. (source BrandWatch.com)

A Signature Studio designed for video creation is a very smart investment and could easily turn from a passion or hobby into a great little business.

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 #6. The Perfect Home Gym

Never miss a gym session again with a commute time of less than a minute to your home gym Signature Studio. Home gyms are not for everyone but if you apply the same discipline to heading to the gym several times a week to head to your own, they can be a great investment.

Avoid the crowded times spent waiting for equipment to be free at the gym with your “no-queue” home gym studio.

Sports equipment is available online today and with home delivery available setting up your home gym is simple, cost effective and easy.

(Just pity the poor delivery guys having to lug the weights around.)

With our smaller studios around £12,000 to £15,000 complete, it’s an investment that will literally pay for itself over time in terms of money & improved health for you & your family for many years to come.

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 #7. Photography Studio

Photography is something we can all do easily nowadays with our smart phones.

It’s easy to take a selfie, add a filter, upload it to social media and that’s your new online photo album being created one upload at a time.

But if photography is your hobby or your business there is still huge demand for professional branding, product shots and of course head shots, not to mention all the clever family orientated photographs with a modern twist like this delightful “Family In a Box” from Carol Bailey Photography in Wolverhampton

 For social media profiles, commercial & business use, photography is certainly still very much in demand.

A Signature Studio at home can be a much more cost effective way of setting up a photography business today compared with a High Street presence and is perfect for having your equipment set up & ready to go for your next client.

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 #8. Home Salon / Treatment Room / Therapy

Health, wellness and beauty are all booming sectors in an era where looking good for your next Instagram update is very much on the mind of a lot of young people today.

If you are a hairdresser, beauty therapist or offer health & wellness therapy sessions, a Signature Studio makes the perfect home salon that can help you give your clients a lovely inviting salon without having to pay high business rentals or rates.

You may have to pay business rates for the area of your salon in some cases but you are entitled to work from home and take advantages of some great tax savings too.

You will find that your clients enjoy a more personal service at a time to suit them and as with all our Signature Studios you can have full input in the design, size, layout and extra fittings you may need to make your salon or therapy studio as individual as you are!

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 #9. Media Rooms & Home Cinemas

One of the modern day problems is where do we put all the media equipment we have?

Today’s gadget and media filled homes may have several game stations (such as an Xbox, Play Station & Nintendo), a Smart TV, a PC or MAC, Laptops, iPads & a Home Cinema with surround sound and more. So why not make extra space with one of our Signature Studios and create your own home cinema or media room?

With some brilliant Home Security CCTV Systems around now your Signature Studio can be alarmed and secure just like your house. The versatility of our new studio range is simply endless and we can accommodate any style of window or doors you need in the design too.

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 #10. Yoga Studios

Last but not least on our Top 10 list for Signature Studio ideas is a Yoga Studio.

If running, lifting weights and aerobics is just not for you, but Yoga, Meditation or Pilates is, nothing beats your own Signature Studio with a large screen TV and super sound system for indulging in what makes you zen out & focus on improving your strength, flexibility and posture.

Yoga and Pilates have many well documented health benefits  including reduced stress and increased energy.

For me, Yoga should not be done in the middle of a busy house with children, spouses and pets constantly interrupting you, so a Signature Studio as a Yoga studio could be considered an investment in your own health and well being for a long time to come.

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  1. All our Signature Studios are built from SIPS for maximum strength and insulation properties.
  2. They are all bespoke, customised to your own design style & needs.
  3. Garden studios have endless uses but work from home, teenage dens & man caves are very popular.
  4. For a free quotation within 48 hours use our Contact Us page, tell us what size & style you want & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

As always, we love reading your comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

To your self-building success!

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Diane Cossie, Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager – Contemporary Log Living 

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