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Introducing Our Self-Build Project Management Service

If You Are Thinking About Spending Over £50,000 On A Home Or Garden Project In 2019 You Should Read This First!

"With a tagline of Self-Building Big Or Small, We'll Get You There!" we thought we'd kick-start 2019 with an innovative way of helping you self-build in 2019 aimed at saving you time & money"

Very few of us ever get to self-build our own dream home (it’s more difficult in the UK than in many parts of Europe, Australia, Canada & the USA due mainly to a lack of plots of land to build on, costs and mortgage options not being as readily available. )

That doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm for it though as a Nation, we all seem to LOVE watching shows like Grand Designs.

It’s just that most of us opt to undertake smaller self-build projects such as extensions & renovations.

BUT this is 2019 and that means even “small” self-build projects can cost you tens of thousands of pounds.

Even hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

So we swapped our hard hats for thinking caps and came up with a service that potentially allows you to Have Your Self-Build “Cake” And Eat It Too! as it were.

Here’s how it works at helping you save time and money.


If You Have Zero Construction Experience The Risks Are High

According to a YouGov poll commission by the Building Societies Association in 2011, as many as 1 in 2 people would consider building their own home or extension if they knew how and felt they could.

And therein lies the real stumbling block to anything relating to construction today that stands between YOU and that Grand Designs dream.

Undertaking a self-build project (big or small) can be one of the most expensive and stressful things you can ever take on and if you have zero construction experience the risks can be high if projects get out of control.

(And we've all seen those out of control budget spends on the TV right? And we don't want that to be you!) 

So how can you benefit from self-building your next project without blowing your budget?

Hire Us To Manage It For You!

Our objective is to SAVE YOU 15%-25% OFF your quoted price. 

But it doesn't stop there ... 

We've built & project managed home & garden projects typically ranging from £15,000 to £500,000 including Self-Build Home & Annexe projects like these:-

We Are A Team With Decades Of Experience In The Construction Industry That You Can Leverage

Pete Cossie has over 40 years experience in the construction industry.

He will oversee your project from start to finish.

That includes all the day to day running of your project plus any Heath & Safety or Building Control requirements to ensure your project is built to a high standard at the best cost to you.

"diane cossie"


Diane Cossie has decades of managing projects & tasks efficiently, within budgets and deadlines.

She brings structure. effective communication and a modern-day approach to our turn-key & project management construction projects via our unique CLL Project Management Service. "It's a total game changer that pays for itself!"

Plus! We'll Put You Completely In Control & Bang Up To Date Every Day With Our CLL Project Management Weekly Reports (It's A Game Changer!)

We use up to date modern technology to keep track of every aspect of our turn-key build services such as annexesstudios and extensions.

And that same technology is available to our Project Management Service customers too!

Let's face it, managing a project (and budget) with an anticipated spend of £50,000+ is NOT something most people do every day.

Nor is self-building a house, annexe or extension.

And if you've NEVER had any previous experience with construction, and you don't know where to start it's probably fair to say it's a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Our objective is to save yourself at least 15%-25% off your quoted price today by hiring us to Project Manage the whole project for you.

Our Self-Build Project Management Service is the perfect choice to save you time, money & hassle without losing control of quality or your budget.

Quite frankly a bit of a no-brainer. ?

Our unique approach to self-building the modern way includes our superb CLL Project Management Weekly Reports Service.

This offers you clear visibility on each stage of your project from your smart phone or tablet wherever you happen to be.

You'll be up to date with every cost and you'll have access to the live project build timeline so you can see exactly what is planned week by week.

And if there are any unforeseen delays due to suppliers, deliveries or the good old British weather, we'll update the timeline and inform you in real time.

"self-build project management"

  • Every Customer Who Chooses Us To Manage Their Self-Build Project Has Access To Our CLL Project Management Service.
  • It's A Modern Day Approach To Construction That We Think You'll Love
  • It Improves Communication So There Is No Waiting On Phone Calls
  • Weekly Reports On Your Build Project So You Can Stay Up To Date
  • Comment Or Ask A Question At Any Time, We'll Get A Notification Straight Away
  • We'll Manage The Project For You & Our Objective Is To Save You At Least 15%-25% Off Your Quoted Price

"Our Self-Build Project Management Service gives our customers a share in a build project that would normally go straight to the builder. It's a complete win / win for the customer."

Traditional Builders Are Probably Not Going To Be Best Pleased With The Kind Of Benefits We Are About To Pass On To You Within Our Project Management Services.

Benefits such as :-

  • Access To Trade Prices For Your Project Build (Saving You Money & Keeping You Within Budget)
  • Professional "Insider" Knowledge At Your Finger Tips (No More Jargon To Bamboozle You)
  • Quality Control (We Know What Works & What Doesn't, We'll Recommend The Best Options Throughout)
  • New Construction Methods At Prices You'll Love
  • Trade Kitchen Prices Direct To You (Where Applicable)
  • Potentials Savings Of Thousands Of Pounds Compared To A Turn-Key Service - That's Money In The Bank Right There!
  • Professional Management Of Your Entire Build With Full Visibility Of Every Stage With Our Brilliant Project Management Weekly Reports
  • A Quality Bonus Payment At The End Of Your Project As A Special Thank You Gift!

Before you even think of spending another pound or waste another hour or so "Googling" ""How to build XYZ" use the Contact Us page today & look forward to a refreshingly different approach to self-building your next project!



  1. This is building your next project with less hassle, greater savings and less risk than ever before.
  2. We have decades of experience within the construction industry that you can leverage to benefit you & help you keep more of your hard-earned money.
  3. We offer the service as a percentage cost that literally pays for itself! 
  4. For great free advice on whether we can help you save time & money on your next home or garden project simply send us your details via our Contact Us page, and we'll do the rest.

As always, we love reading your comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

To your self-building success!

"diane cossie"






Diane Cossie, Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - Contemporary Log Living 

P.S. While you're here why not grab a download copy of our latest brochure. Just click on the image below!