5 Extension Designs That Add Value To Your Home


If you have been thinking of selling up & buying a new home recently chances are you’ve fallen out of love (or space) in your current home and are looking for something that has everything done for you & new so that you can relax and enjoy life for a few years knowing there’s nothing on that home project To Do List for a while.

But would an extension on your existing home tempt you to think differently?

Or maybe you have made the leap to a new home in the last few years and quite frankly miss the challenge of renovating something yourself?

With new home garden plot sizes becoming increasingly smaller (some are packed in tighter than sardines in our area) it may be time to take a fresh look at what your existing home and how with a little imagine it COULD look like one of these brilliant rear extension ideas.

Create the most wanted room in any modern house

Open plan living is the number one “must-have” on any new home shopping list. If you have the space to extend across the entire width of your home you have the potential to create a stunning open plan family room with a kitchen / dining living space like the one above.

This trend in UK house design continues to attract buyers to new homes more than any other.

You will find most successful new home floor plans incorporate some element of this desirable open plan living concept into their designs to attract buyers.

So if you are looking at what to invest in when it comes to rear extension ideas, this should be on the top of your list to add value and appeal when the time comes to sell up & move on.

Add bi-fold doors to open up to a great indoor / outdoor space

One of the most successful rear extension ideas in the last few years has been to add bi-fold doors to a single storey rear extension. (Most of these come under Permitted Development.)

In 2018, the UK enjoyed a record breaking long hot Summer and there is nothing like opening up your bi-fold doors when that sun is shining and allowing your home to fill with sunlight & a lovely warm Summer breeze.

These modern day fold away doors are best when they are Aluminium rather than PVCu which tends to be more problematic with heat variations.

Bi-fold doors in a single storey extension like this will add value to your home and be very appealing to potential buyers in the future.

Converting an unused conservatory space

We spent 15 years as a conservatory company in Shropshire before evolving into Contemporary Log Living so we know all the benefits (and all the problems) associated with conservatories.

If they have a traditional polycarbonate roof they are typically too hot in the Summer & too cold in the winter. 

And as many conservatories were built as very affordable home extensions because of the roof type knocking through into them from the house became impossible as they could not meet the “U” value requirements or pass through Building Regulations.

So one of the best rear extension updates you can do to turn that unused large conservatory space into a modern day “must-have” is to replace the roof with a tiled roof as shown in the photo above.

This rear extension idea is going to add value & become a much more family orientated modern living space the whole family can enjoy.

A covered extension area for a great outdoor living space

A great rear extension idea that is being incorporated into many modern style homes today is a covered area to form an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed more of the year round.

As we love adding more glass to our homes in every way we can, creating shade is equally important.

And with all the huge advances in LED Outdoor Lighting today you can create your own back garden oasis by adding a deep over sail canopy over your deck or patio as shown in the photo above for inspiration.

Enjoy the sun during the day and an area to relax in the evening for an added wow factor to this brilliant rear extension idea

Take inspiration from new home design

For inspiration on what to do when you invest in a rear home extension to your existing home, look no further than your nearest new home development.

New home developers know what the current trends in home design and decor are so take a trip to a show home near you and make some notes.

You may like to note the plot size for example compared to yours, because scope to extend most new homes in the future is challenging to say the least. 

This lovely new home design is at Linwood Park in Shifnal and the home builders (Countryside) have done a great job in adding lovely rear extensions to the new homes to create an open plan living / dining room for modern day living in style.

In Summary

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