Can I Move A Garden Annexe In The Future?

A frequently asked question we get from time to time is about whether a garden annexe can be sold off or moved to another location in the future…

There Is One Type Of Garden Annexe That is Far Easier To Move In The Future

The simple answer to whether a garden annexe can be moved in the future is yes!

But lodge style annexes (like The Foresters pictured above) are far easier and more cost effective to move in the future if required than custom build on site annexes.

They are also far easier to be sold off if required.

Custom annexes, although still classed and built as mobile homes are not as easy to move as they are usually built on site due to access restrictions.

This makes the lodge style annexes more appealing to a percentage of our customers who consider the investment in annexes to be something they are happy to do for when Mum, Dad or both are living happily at the bottom of the garden.

But as & when circumstances change so might the thoughts & feelings you have about the annexe change too.


What If We Decide To Move House?

"Granny annexe planning permission

Changes in circumstances happen all the time.

We don’t need to look much further than the events of 2020 to see that.

So if you are thinking about adding an annexe to your garden for a family member you are very much in this decision together and for the longer term.

Financial decisions should be made as a family and everyone needs to cover themselves if circumstances do change and you consider moving house.

One of our first annexes in Essex (the Eden L-shaped annexe above) has been sold with the main house within the last few years and the value of the main house and annexe together exceeded the previous valuation on the house by the amount it cost to add the annexe.

One of the plus sides to building an annexe in your garden is that you are adding a building that is very much in demand for a lot of families in the UK right now who would LOVE an annexe in the garden for a member of their family.

Not many properties have one and that would make your property very desirable should you wish to sell it in the future with the annexe.

If you want to read more about whether adding an annexe in your garden adds value, see the link to an article we wrote about it below.


Does An Annexe Or Lodge Add Value To My House?

One of the main considerations for many of our customers when thinking about adding an annexe to their house is whether or not the annexe will add value?

"Does An Annexe Or Lodge Add Value To My House? "



The Costs Of Moving An Annexe Vary With The Type Of Garden Annexe You Choose To Have


Custom Annexes

Although these annexes can still be moved most of them have been built on site due to access issues that would prohibit the garden annexe being able to be delivered on the back of a lorry.

And with plaster finish walls & ceilings the damage internally and externally if moved would be considerable.

Even with being as a mobile home (without a brick foundation) moving and re-building a custom annexe to another location will probably cost the same as if you moved and built a new one.

You would be much better off selling the main house house with the annexe and starting over.


Garden Lodges

Lodge style annexes on the other hand are delivered on the back of a lorry so the process of reversing the siting & delivery process is done daily with mobile homes throughout the UK and therefore gives you different options

  • For example you could resell the lodge and recover a percentage of the cost of your original purchase.
  • Or you could sell the lodge and move it with you to it’s new location

In either case a garden annexe can become a real asset to any family for many years to come.


We Offer Free Onsite Consultations To Help You Plan & Design Your Dream Annexe

We’re available to discuss all aspects of your project :-

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  • Mains Services & Connections
  • Sizes
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  • Budgets & Costings

All you have to do is CONTACT US.

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Stay safe and we’ll be glad to assist you in anyway we can.

Until then, all the best!

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