How to set up a Guest Lodge Business

One of the most rewarding things we do as a company is to help people just like you create a second or residual income by helping you set up a Guest Lodge business of your very own.

Luxury Guest Lodges

We can supply any number of luxury Guest Lodges to suit your site. As one of our commercial customers, you will qualify for a discount on multiple orders. We believe we have the best range of Guest Lodges available, including both Contemporary and Traditional designs. Prices start at around £90,000 per Guest Lodge (without foundations & services which we can assist you with if required.)

Planning Permission Service

Planning Permission is generally favourable when it comes to increasing tourism or leisure in the UK. (Especially post Covid-19). Frequent weekend breaks several times a year is now much more commonplace and the UK “staycation” trend is still high in demand! We offer a comprehensive Planning Permission service for one or multiple Guest Lodges as part of our service.

Sales & Marketing Service

We offer a unique Sales & Marketing service when you choose us as your Guest Lodge providers. We’ll actively promote your Guest Lodge business each and every month on our Facebook page & add a link to your Airbnb listing or website on our own high-ranking website. We can even help you sell Guest Lodge developments tailor-made to the second home/retirement market if required.

The UK Staycation “Boom” Is Still Booming As More Of Us Take More Time Out In The UK Than Ever Before. (And that was before BREXIT or COVID-19.)

Fascinating Facts To Ponder!
  • According to the data, Brits go on holiday an average of twice a year, at a cost of £855 per person each time, with 23% even spending £1,000 or more per holiday.
  • Britain will have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion by 2025 – just under 10% of UK GDP and supporting almost 3.8 million jobs, which is around 11% of the total UK number.

Our Unique Guest Lodge Business Friendly Approach

We Specialise In Helping Small Guest Lodge Businesses Get The Right Advice 


We offer a wide choice of high-quality fully furnished Guest Lodges manufactured to BS3632.

This gives you (the little guy) an opportunity to benefit from commercial discounts available for multiple lodge orders.

We offer a unique Planning Permission service if required. Plus we can offer you an exclusive Sales & Marketing package to help you promote or sell your Guest Lodges that includes free promotions on our website & Facebook page for your new Guest Lodge Business.

Holiday Let Planning Permission

Disclaimer: All Local Planning Authorities will vary and each case will be decided on its own individual merit. In general, we’ve found most Local Planning Authorities to favour increased tourism in all parts of the UK.

Planning permission and building regulations are the essential first steps if you are considering offering serviced or self-catering accommodation. Serviced accommodation includes guest lodges.

It is advisable to get in contact with your Local Planning Department for advice on obtaining planning permission for your Guest Lodge business at a very early stage.

We can do this for you as part of our Guest Lodge business start-up service.

– You should advise them if you are starting a business or expanding an existing one.

There will be a plan within your relevant authority’s Local Development Framework that will detail policies involving tourism and guest accommodation.

As guest lodges are not deemed to be a permanent address, the Planning Authorities are in general more relaxed about Guest Lodges for holidays & short stays than annexes in your back garden for a relative.

If your Guest Lodge or Guest Lodges are in close proximity to your main dwelling, there will be consideration given to the size and number of bedrooms your Guest Lodges can have in relation to the size and number of bedrooms of the main dwelling.

e.g. You can’t expect to build a Premier Inn Hotel sized “lodge” next to your 4 bedroom detached house 😉

If you are converting an existing building into a Guest Lodge or B&B you should consult with the local authority planning officers to determine whether a change of use consent is required.

What Can Affect Planning Permission?

Each application and Local Planning Authority will vary, however some of the most common things that affect your planning decision include:

Location | If your plot is in green belt, a national park, an area of outstanding natural beauty, or a heritage site.

If Your Property Is A Listed Building | If your property is listed this can affect approval. However if you are using the income from your new potential holiday letting to supplement repairs of the listed building, it is worth mentioning this in your application as this might be seen as beneficial and sustainable.

Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans | These directives are created by communities to allow them to shape the development and growth of the local area. They are often used when determining planning applications, for example if your venture fits into their vision then you will not need planning permission.

Helpful Resources

To Find Your Local Council – Click Here

To visit the Government Planning portal – Click Here

Some Of Our Stunning Guest Lodges

When it comes to choosing the right Guest Lodge for your Guest Lodge Business, we know we may be biased but we believe we have the best selection available in the UK! 

The Hampton Lodge Gets A Stunning New look

With it's stunning 6 section bi-fold door frontage and central living space, The Hampton is one of our most popular lodges for garden lodge living at it's very best. How can you ever improve something that many people think is absolutely perfect as it is?

Guest Lodges Also Make The Perfect Leisure Accommodation For Small Developments On Golf courses, Hotels & Fishing Lakes Too.

With Golf Club Memberships shrinking by almost a 3rd in the last few years it pays to diversify if you have access to land for a small Guest Lodge Business.

Even Britain’s favourite leisure pastime fishing has seen a decline in fishing licences.

It’s not only our shopping habits that have changed, our leisure habits have too!

We are seeking EXPERIENCES over “things” choosing to YOLO (you only live once) over the material possessions that we craved in the 1980’s.

The status symbols of today are travelling more, attending events and making sure we are making memories.

Let's Start Something Amazing!

Guest Lodges for B&B or even AirBNB are BIG business right now. If you have a Guest Lodge business in mind and you choose to work with us as your Guest Lodge supplier, you’ll also benefit from regular exposure from our 22,000+ Facebook audience each and every month for FREE!! Contact Us Today For A Free On Site Consultation For Your Guest Lodge Business

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