How To Create A Stunning Gallery Wall With Desenio

How To Create A Stunning Gallery Wall With Desenio

If you want an easy way to create a stunning gallery wall for your home this year check out what Desenio has to offer because they’ve made it so quick, easy & affordable to do.

Gallery wall features are a popular way to create a group of images together to create a feature wall in a room that will not only create a great focal point but also knit together all the colours you’ve used in your decor to create a real designer look.

Gallery walls are effective in large spaces like in living or dining room and make a great feature of a hallway where a gallery wall up the side of the stairs can become a show piece for your home.

Now if you are anything like me, you will have tried shopping for different size photos and prints in similar frames that would look good grouped together as a gallery wall.

But I found out it’s not actually that easy! 

So when I stumbled across Desenio I could not wait to share the simply genius way they have not only solved the problem, but they make it easy & affordable to.

And if designing your own gallery wall from scratch fills you with dread, they also offer some stunning “made for you” gallery wall designs that are literally ready to go.


Oodles of Inspiration For Your Gallery Wall

"Desenio Gallery Wall "

Whether your favourite style is traditional, modern, or a mix of both, Desenio have created a stunning range of “off the shelf” gallery walls that will suit any room.

If you have the space for just two large prints or a set of 7, they have created an easy to select from range of prints, images, photos and quotes that blend beautifully together.

You can also choose your frame and have it all packaged up and delivered to your door.

You literally can’t go wrong 😉


And If You Want To Design Your Own Gallery Wall…

"create your won gallery wall"

Desenio make that easy & affordable too.

Step 1. Select a template of the wall area you are looking to create your gallery wall on. There are several to choose from with furniture situated to the left, right or centre of the area just as it would be in your home.


Next… Select The Number Of Prints You’d Like In Your Feature Gallery Wall

"create a gallery wall"

By now you’ll be beginning to see how easy Desenio make this for you.

Step 2: Select how many prints or photos you’d like to group together to form your feature gallery wall. A mix of smaller and larger images works best.


Next… Add Images From The Desenio Selection

"create a gallery wall"

Step 3. Click on the frame you would like to add your first print, photo or quote from (Desenio will show you all the images available to you for the size frame) and then simply add your print.

Repeat the process until you have selected an image for all your frames.

You can play around with sizes, colours, textures and styles before you go to the next step.


Then… Choose Your Frame

"create a gallery wall"

When you are happy with your final selection of prints, photos and quotes, Desenio then ask you to select your frame.

In this example I chose black but there are other more neutral colours to choose from and Desenio will change them on your template so you can see exactly what you’ve created.


And Finally Check Out!

"create a gallery wall"

Final step. Once you are happy with everything and you want to find out the price of your new Desenio Gallery Wall, you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise.

At an average cost of anywhere between £190 and £290 pounds you have an easy and affordable way to add a gallery wall to your home without breaking the bank.

And if you want to try a different combination, simply start the process over again using the Desenio gallery wall creator on the website.


Or Shop From One Of “Done For You” Desenio Collections

If your gallery wall design doesn’t come out quite as you wanted, don’t forget to take a look at the Desenio “done for you” collections too.

There is an art to creating a gallery wall that has just the right amount of colour, balance and mix.

So once again Desenio make it easy to just shop & go with one of their Desenio collections.

It could not be easier!


And If You Would Like To Add Your New Gallery Wall To One Of Our Stunning Lodge Style Annexes, We’ll Be Glad To Help!

"Plantation House Lodge"




  • Gallery walls are a great way to create a focal point in any home.
  • Desenio have made the whole process simple & affordable.
  • Whether you design it yourself or buy from the Desenio collections, you won’t be disappointed or blow your budget.
  • Gallery walls look great in every room but are especially effective in open plan living spaces and hallways.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page! Use The Contact Us Page To Email Us With Your Enquiry.

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