5 Unexpected Bonuses Of Owning Your Own Holiday Lodge

Holiday lodges have come a long way in terms of style in recent years, built for year-round living they offer some unique benefits for anyone looking for a family legacy that just keeps rewarding you.

We’ve all been given the green light to support the UK leisure & hospitality industry as we start to experience what our UK holidays, eating out & leisure activities are likely to look like for a good few months to come.

We all want to get back to enjoying life, don’t we? 

We’ve been locked down too long but as with clouds, there are always silver linings.

So if getting away from the 4 walls & a garden (if you are lucky) you’ve been looking at since March 2020 appeals to you; and you want to help your family enjoy a holiday this year and for many years to come, guest lodges offer one of the best solutions to make taking regular weekend breaks whenever you want an absolute breeze.

"hampton holiday lodge"

With some limitations on dining out & evening entertainment still in place in many of our favourite holiday destinations abroad the UK staycation will become even more appealing for many of us over the next few years.

There are some unexpected bonuses to owning your own holiday lodge that may just offer the perfect solution for some of those little luxuries we all love that are still out of reach right now.

"dovecote holiday lodge"



1. Guest Lodge Ownership Is A Family Holiday For Life Whenever You Need It

We’ve all got our favourite parts of the UK, with Cornwall being one of the most loved family holiday destinations.

With its stunning coastline boasting plenty of clean beaches, its milder climate and its superb range of fun-filled and historic attractions its charm is hard to resist.

So if you are thinking of owning your own holiday lodge for making long-term family memories seek out holiday lodge parks in your favourite destinations and see what is available today.

A lot of our garden lodge-style annexes are inspired by the latest Guest Lodge styles and are a superb way to think about how family holidays and short breaks throughout the year could benefit you & your family for many years to come.

"Foresters holiday lodge"



2. It’s A Timeshare Or Vacation Club Combined

Some of us opt for timeshares or vacation club “points” style holiday accommodation for long-term use.

But if they are based outside of the UK right now, it’s probably going to be difficult to make use of it in 2020 and possibly 2021.

I don’t know about you, but air travel and quarantine are not on my wish list anytime in the near future.

But what becomes very appealing is the thought of driving to a holiday lodge with a suitcase, unpacking and enjoying the whole experience any time I wish. (with no jet lag involved)

The investment is of course higher than a package holiday or a timeshare but with Grandchildren ourselves, the family reward is something that would easily repay itself for many years to come.

For many of us, COVID-19 has been a time to reflect on the simpler things in life and enjoy each moment.

"strand holiday lodge"



3. Sub-Letting Opportunities

Many of us now take 4 or 5 short breaks every year rather than the big traditional 2 week “once in a lifetime” holiday of a decade or so ago.

But that still leaves a huge number of weeks in a year where you might be able to sub-let your holiday lodge in return for a rental or residual income several weeks of the year every year.

Having been through these unprecedented times with COVID-19 it’s been quite an eye-opener for a lot of us who rely so much on our jobs as our primary income.

A holiday lodge in the UK is potentially one of the most affordable ways to acquire something with sub-letting potential without the risks and hassles of becoming a landlord with tenants or investing in the current UK housing market.

"bella vista holiday lodge"



4. Family Celebrations

So many of us have had lock down virtual birthdays over the last couple of years and have found it rather different to the usual celebration of a meal out or party with friends and family.

One of the joys of having your own holiday lodge is that you can easily organise family celebrations whenever you want and make them special at any time of the year.

With many holiday lodges being situated on holiday parks with a beach nearby or leisure & gym facilities, restaurants and even evening entertainment you can be assured of an annual celebration for every family event for many years to come.

"navigator holiday lodge"



5. Retirement Planning

As a provider of garden annexes, we frequently meet very switched on customers who have a change in lifestyle already mapped out for themselves.

With a garden annexe typically costing between £85,000 to £150,000+ many new annexe owners are choosing to free up equity in the long-term family home, purchase an annexe and retain a second retirement home option for whenever they want.

It’s very much in line with today’s more holistic and healthy approach to retirement where slowing down is not part of the lifestyle plan.

Having a secure garden annexe near family is a priority for many and it makes sense in terms of long term healthcare needs too.

But having the freedom to enjoy a holiday lodge in the UK as & when everyone needs a break is a great way to have the best of both worlds.


If You Are Thinking About Creating Your Own Holiday Lodge Business, We Can Help! We Can Offer A Complete Package Including Commercial Leasing And Sales & Marketing.

We’re available to discuss all aspects of your project:-

  • Planning Permission
  • Floor plans
  • Mains Services & Connections
  • Sizes
  • Styles Available
  • Budgets & Costings
  • Commercial lease options available (not available for residential lodges)

All you have to do is CONTACT US. So, if you want a friendly chat about your project over a cup of tea, try us out!

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