A Complete Guest Lodge Business Start-Up Package

Introducing Our New Complete Guest Lodge Business Start-Up Package. Furnished Lodges + Free Website + Free Advertising Every Month!

One of the best second income opportunities you could set up if you have the space is a Guest Lodge Business.

According to Travel Weekly:

“As many as 57% of people were taking their annual summer holiday in the UK in 2018. It goes on to say that a quarter of Britons are taking more UK short breaks, with 85% taking on average three domestic holidays throughout 2018.”

And that is a trend likely to continue as Brexit uncertainty continues to dominate the News.

Set up one Guest Lodge or several as a commercial business, we can help you with our unique Guest Lodge Business Start-Up Package which now includes *fully furnished holiday lodges manufactured right here in the UK and delivered direct to your site!


Working Smarter Not Harder As The Saying Goes

We live in amazing times when it comes to discovering & sharing our experiences.

With the popular Facebook “check-in” to places feature we all see where our friends and family members are eating out, staying, flying to & from and checking in to every time they go somewhere.

And it can become a little bit of fun as we all try to “out” check-in each other 😉 

With more and more people seeking a better, healthier work / life balance today than we’ve ever done in the last decade or so, if you have a plot of land that can be used as a Guest Lodge Business you can enjoy all the benefits of providing stylish accommodation for your paying guests while they enjoy themselves on their staycation break.

"guest lodge business UK"

*pictured above is one of our new fully furnished Guest Lodges that’s available to choose from with our unique Guest Lodge Business packages.


Holiday-Let Planning Permission

Disclaimer: All Local Planning Authorities will vary and each case will be decided on it’s own individual merit. In general we’ve found most Local Planning Authorities to favour increased tourism in all parts of the UK.

Planning permission and building regulations are the essential first steps if you are considering offering serviced or self-catering accommodation. Serviced accommodation includes guest lodges.

It is advisable to get in contact with your Local Planning Department for advice on obtaining planning permission for your Guest Lodge business at a very early stage.

We can do this for you as part of our turn-key service.

You should advise them if you are starting a business or expanding an existing one.

There will be a plan within your relevant authority’s Local Development Framework that will detail policies involving tourism and guest accommodation.

If your Guest Lodge or Guest Lodges are in close proximity to your main dwelling, there will be consideration given to the size and number of bedrooms your Guest Lodges can have in relation to the size and number of bedrooms of the main dwelling.

e.g. You can’t expect to build a Premier Inn Hotel sized “lodge” next to your 4 bedroom detached house! 

If you are converting an existing building into a Guest Lodge or B&B you should consult with the local authority planning officers to determine whether change of use consent is required.


Guest Lodges Also Make Perfect Leisure Accommodation For Small Developments On Golf Courses, Hotels, Farms and Fishing Lakes Too!

With Golf Club Memberships shrinking by almost a 3rd in the last few years and  it pays to diversify if you have access to land for a small Guest Lodge Business. Even Britain’s favourite leisure pastime fishing has seen a decline in fishing licences.

It’s not only our shopping habits that have changed, our leisure habits have too!

We are seeking EXPERIENCES over “things” choosing to YOLO (you only live once) over the material possessions that we craved in the 1980’s. The status symbols of today are travelling more, attending events and making sure we are making memories.


We Can Offer You Modern Stylish Guest Lodges Furnished & Ready To Go

"Guest Lodge Business UK"

"Guest Lodge Business UK"

"Guest Lodge Business UK"

We will discuss with you any site access issues, connections to mains services and foundations on our Free On Site Consultation service.


What Can You Expect To Earn From Your Guest Lodge?

There are no guarantees in life when it comes to a return on an investment, but the UK Guest Lodge / Holiday Let market is a multi-billion pound industry and according to Sykes Cottages

“On average, our owners earn around £18,000 annually through bookings, but what you could earn will depend on a variety of factors, such as your property’s location, what type of guests you accommodate, property features, number of rooms and your pricing strategy.”

A strategy based on hitting as many of most people’s wish-lists is better than simply basing your Guest Lodge business on location only. Things to consider that add value (and appeal) to UK holiday makers might include:-

  • Stylish, well thought out & fully equipped modern accommodation.
  • Near the coast.
  • Nearby pubs with good food.
  • National Park areas
  • Near the Lake District.
  • Hot tubs.
  • Wi-fi available.
  • Golf, fishing, walking, cycling nearby.
  • A focal point fireplace for a warm welcome.


Key Features You Can Expect With Every Guest Lodge

"Guest Lodge Business UK"

  • Vaulted ceilings throughout.
  • Fully fitted kitchens with hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, dual washer/dryer and wine cooler.
  • Furniture & furnishings including dining table & chairs, coffee table, entertainment unit, colour coordinated sofa, curtains, laminate flooring and carpets.
  • Energy efficient A rated boiler.
  • Built to British Standard 3632 and protected by a 10 year structural warranty.


Plus! A Free Designated Website & Advertising When You Order Your Guest Lodge Package From Us!

We are confident you will LOVE the new fully furnished Guest Lodges that we have to offer and with prices starting at around £95,000 you can literally be up and running within a few months for far less cost than a traditional “buy to let” property.

When place your Guest Lodge package order with us, you’ll also benefit from our online marketing expertise which is designed to help you get up & running in the fastest time possible.

  • Free designated website included with every Guest Lodge Business Package.
  • Free monthly promotions on our Facebook page (with almost 20,000 followers)
  • Free listing on our website to help promote your Guest Lodge.
  • Free Facebook marketing plan to follow to help you get started promoting your Guest Lodge business.



  1. Our new Guest Lodge Packages include a fully furnished Guest Lodge (with various models to choose from), a free designated website & we’ll put your Guest Lodge business in front of over 20,000 Facebook followers each and every month!
  2. Planning Permission service available on request (for one or multiple Guest Lodges)
  3. Book a free onsite consultation with us today & start seeing how a Guest Lodge Business can work for you tomorrow!

As always, we love reading your comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

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