3 Reasons Why Granny Annexes Are The #1 Alternative To Care Homes For Many Of Our Customers

First & foremost we hope you and your family & friends are safe and well and looking forward to the next phase the Government has planned to get Britain & the economy moving again.

It’s been taxing on all of us but we are nearly there!

Whatever measures we need to work around, I’m sure we’ll find a way.

What has been interesting from our perspective is how many of our new and existing customers have chosen a granny annexe for their elderly relatives rather than opt for a Care Home.

We’ve even built a granny annexe in Shrewsbury in Shropshire for a couple who ran a Care Home themselves. (pictured above)

We remember talking to our customer during the week they moved in and they told us how they had looked at the “5 star” Care Homes available but wouldn’t have swapped it for being able to live together in their annexe with their son a short distance away up the garden.

They even found the family pets loved it too!


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For a lot of people, Care Homes are the only option, we know & understand that.

In many cases the care received at Care Homes is of course first class.

And there are many images circulating right now showing how dedicated the staff are to their Care Home residents for all to see, like the one above.

But for some families, a granny annexe makes more financial sense and for many families it will be a higher priority than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

We’ve met hundreds of people over the last few years to discuss whether a granny annexe is the right choice for them as a family or not.

And the top three underlying & deciding factors are usually based on care, finances & helping other family members…


1. Caring For Elderly Relatives In A Granny Annexe

The number one driving factor is based on CARE.

For many people taking care of their Mum, Dad or both in their twilight years is just something they want to do.

Some think it’s their duty.

Some have a nursing background themselves and it’s a natural fit for them.

Some wouldn’t consider anything else could be better than having your loved ones close by but still retaining their independence.

For many of our new granny annexe owners that’s the part they LOVE the most.


A Personal Story…

We will never forget meeting Frank in Southampton the year before last

At the age of 94 he had been in a Care Home for 18 months having been given just a few months to live.

He beat the odds and sat with us discussing annexes as an option with his family for the future. The Care Home funding had cost the family much more than anticipated and a solution had to be found.

They were just 4 weeks away from running out of money for Frank’s care.

As Frank sat with us, surrounded by his family in the comfort of his daughter’s home, he reflected “All I really want is to have my feet under my own table again”

There sat a proud man with values we can all resonate with.

We think of ourselves as privileged to do what we do because of the people just like Frank we meet every week.


2. Working Out The Costs Of Care Homes Versus A Granny Annexe

Care home costs vary from region to region and have variable factors involved with regards to the type of care you & your family will need.

It’s a very personal issue and a discussion many families have that can be extremely difficult for everyone.

It can sometimes be so sensitive that families may even fall out over it.

But one of the major considerations is of course cost.

We’ve met people spending £60,000 a year on Care Home Care and not being particularly happy with the care being given.

And we’ve met others who have seen their relatives houses and savings dwindle down to nothing wishing they had known more about annexes or other options.

When emotions are high (like at the moment) decisions aren’t often clear or easy to make for any of us.


The Average Care Home Costs In The UK

According to the Paying For Care website

The average cost of a residential care home in the UK, in 2019, was £33,852 a year. This rose to over £47,320 a year when nursing care was included*

The average spend on a granny annexe with us is between £80,000 and £120,000 making a granny annexe a cost effective solution that can literally pay for itself in around 3 years.

You may also benefit from Inheritance Tax Savings, Council Tax savings and the money stays in the family.

Which brings us to the third factor that makes a granny annexe a great alternative to a Care Home.


3. A Helping Hand & Keeping Things In The Family

We enjoy multi-generation living now much more than ever before

In many homes today Grandparents play an active role in their Grandchildrens lives.

I know we do!

And I’m sure those of us who are separated from that contact due to social distancing and safe-guarding are finding it difficult.

We miss the hugs!

And the laughter.

And I’m sure we can’t wait for that big family get together after the pandemic crisis goes away.

But in general parents and Grandparents today get on a lot better than several decades ago. It’s what we’ve come to know as multi-generation living and it can be a win / win for everyone.

It’s no surprise when we meet with our potential new customers and find out who is coming to live at the bottom of the garden.

Very often it’s more of a partnership of finances that benefit everyone.

And with our stunning lodge style annexes to chose from it’s very often downsizing without compromising to a better lifestyle where Grandchildren and Grandparents stay the very best of friends.

Now that is something a lot more of us will look to do as we come out of the current crisis and reconsider how important having our loved ones close by really means.


Don’t Forget We Are Working From Home But Can Still Offer A Helping Hand With Your Annexe Planning

We’re available to discuss all aspects of your project :-

  • Planning Permission
  • Floor plans
  • Mains Services & Connections
  • Sizes
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  • Budgets & Costings

All you have to do is CONTACT US.

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