Granny Annexe Heating & Why We Choose Electric Radiators


Heating is an essential part of planning your granny annexe and electric radiators are the best choice for lower running costs & controllable room to room heating for an ambient temperature that can be enjoyed all year round.

As Rointe Trusted Suppliers ourselves we have used Rointe smart heating electric radiators, towel rails & water heaters in many of our granny annexe installations and our customers tell us they love how they look and how being able to adjust the temperature room by room makes sleeping in a cooler bedroom so easy to do. 

So I’m sure if you are reading this you may be wondering what they look like and how much they cost to run because granny annexes share the mains services of the house and you don’t want any huge spikes in your utility bills to take you by surprise.

Just so you know, we can’t fit a separate electricity supply to an annexe from an outside source, it’s a condition of gaining planning permission to have shared utilities with the main facilities.

But what is popular with a lot of our customers is a meter box that counts the units used in your granny annexe so you can work it all out between you.

Rointe radiators are wall-mounted and slim line so you don’t have to compromise on design (we happen to think they look better than traditional radiators).

Each of the designs has varying degrees of smart functionality, timers and thermostats to ensure maximum control over your granny annexe heating.

High quality aluminium slimline radiators

Aluminium is the perfect, high-quality material for all our Rointe electric radiators. With it’s superior heat transfer properties it provides maximum heat transfer without excessive consumption.

These smart radiators are one of the shared costs of running a granny annexe next to the main home but of course in most cases you will only have one Council Tax bill between you and shared internet services etc to help make granny annexe living an affordable way to enjoy all the benefits it brings.

Rointe radiators are also recyclable so they are a sustainable material to use. 

"granny annexe heating"

Rointe Electric Towel Rails

We supply & install the Rointe Kyros range of radiators, electric towel rails (pictured in a recent annexe installation in Dover) and water heaters.

Rointe have been manufacturing electric towel rails and radiators for bathrooms since 2001 which means you have decades of expertise to rely on if you are still a little unsure as to whether electric radiators are “as good” as a traditional heating system.

We’ve been using gas central heating systems for many years in the UK mainly because gas used to be cheaper than electricity.

But now with all the advanced technology and an increasingly renewable energy resource being electricity it will fast be the preferred energy source for the future.

The super reliable Rointe electric water heaters

Not only do we supply the latest electric radiators and towel rails to keep you warm & cosy whatever the UK weather decides to throw at us next, but we make sure your hot water supply is constant & energy efficient too.

As the saying goes, “we’ve tried the rest now we just fit the best”

Rointe electric water heaters are manufactured with the highest quality components. They have an exclusive thermal break system, for reliability & performance that we love to pass on to our customers.

This provides all our granny annexe customers with one of the most efficient electric water heaters on the market.

Smart heating solutions for annexe living at it's best

As with all our custom annexes we offer the widest choice of interior & exterior finishes anywhere giving you the ultimate choice in personalising your granny annexe to match your style.

All our granny annexes come with an electric radiator system as standard which is the Rointe Kyros range.

If you are a real smart home technology buff you can also choose to upgrade your electric radiators to the Rointe D series which have Wifi technology that allows you to control everything from your smart phone.


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