5 Useful Granny Annexe Design Ideas For Small Space Living


Successful granny annexe design to us means creating a beautiful home designed especially for the new annexe owner.

Downsizing to an annexe in the garden is a growing trend in the UK.

As more people discover all the benefits of annexe living for themselves, we continuously listen to the great feedback from our customers to try & incorporate more of their “wish list” design ideas into our annexe designs to stay up to date with all the latest home trends for annexe designing too.

We are frequently asked about lighting, flooring, storage, kitchen islands and floor plans. So here’s some of the granny annexe design ideas we’ll be incorporating into our new CLL range of annexes later this year.



More Lighting Options Including Pendant Lighting

One of the secrets to successfully designing your granny or garden annexe is to define the different zones within the open plan living space. The vast majority of our garden annexe designs have an open plan living / dining / kitchen space with a main bedroom and en-suite or bathroom.

One of our most frequently requested additions is the addition of the popular drop pendant lighting that usually defines a kitchen island, breakfast bar or dining space. By creating interest at eye level, pendant lighting used effectively can really add a new dynamic to your annexe design.



Looking for further inspiration? Download our free 60-page brochure filled with garden annexe footprints and ideas.



More Flooring Choices

One of the benefits of a custom build on site annexes is that laminate flooring comes as standard.

Oak is still the most popular choice for granny annexe design as it adds warmth and a country cottage appeal that is hard to beat.

It is also extremely hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

Grey is also a popular choice for a more contemporary modern look and feel to your garden annexe, it works well with white or grey glossy kitchen designs and we use a vinyl click flooring in the bathroom and en-suite to offer a more water resistant finish.

Successful annexe design schemes often have a flow throughout the entire home that is co-orinated throughout using the same colour scheme. As your flooring is a large space in your annexe design it should be one of the first design details you choose to incorporate.



"granny annexe design ideas"

Storage Solutions

Where to put coats?


The Christmas Tree & decorations?




If you simply do not know where to start when it comes to creating your garden annexe, it helps if you think about the things that are most important to you and write them down.

Most new annexe owners are downsizing from a larger home and immediately start thinking about “where am I going to put the ____”

It’s a natural thing to do.

When we are working with our customers, we spend a considerable amount of time planning your annexe so that it suits you and your needs in as many ways as possible.

Most garden annexes are around 40′ x 20′ (12m x 6m) so they are roughly the same size as an average bungalow.

Once we’ve talked you through your design during our on site consultation service we will be able to see how many of those “must-haves” we can incorporate into your design.

Then it’s time to get creative with all the clever storage options that are available today to maximize every available space.

House Beautiful have put together 30 DIY storage ideas in this article.

And ARGOS have a storage solution for every room in the house. Learn more by clicking here.



"granny annexe design ideas"

More Kitchen Islands And Breakfast Bars

We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s no different for garden or granny annexes.

Whether it’s a kitchenette, or a full size kitchen in one of our larger granny annexe designs, if we have the space to add a kitchen island or breakfast bar we will!

Garden annexes are very social places with family & friends visiting more frequently than if you lived several miles away or in some cases hundreds of miles away.

The best thing about granny annexes is that they help bring families together again.

And let’s face it one of your favourite things in life is usually something simple like a coffee & chat with Mum, or her chocolate cake recipe is just the best.

And what Grandparents love the most is seeing & enjoying spending more time with their Grandchildren.

And as a lot of Grandparents today are involved with childcare and school pick-ups or dropping off, it makes sense to consider a move to your son or daughter’s garden and enjoy all the benefits multi-generation living brings.

We love finding ways to help you downsize without compromise.

More Floor Plan Ideas

Floor plans that work for you in your particular garden, orientation, layout and needs are sometimes impossible to find.

You can literally spend months & months searching for your ideal floor plan and coming up empty handed because it simply doesn’t exist.

If you are exasperated by your search and are seriously fed up coming up with “almost right” floor plans or granny annexe design ideas, it’s probably a good time to contact us and talk about what your ideal granny annexe needs to be in terms of size, design and budget.

We’ll guide you on exactly what’s possible with regards to planning permission too as that is a vitally important piece of the puzzle.

It could save you hours of frustration and be much easier than you think to get exactly what you want designed for you.

Our custom build annexe service is designed to do exactly that and more.


Downsizing and Don’t Know Where To Start? If you want to read more downsizing tips, you’ll love our article all about it which you can read by clicking here >


If You Are Thinking About Building A Garden Annexe Or Installing A Lodge In Your Garden & Don’t Know Where To Start Talk To Us First!

We’re available to discuss all aspects of your project:

  • Planning Permission
  • Floor plans
  • Mains Services & Connections
  • Sizes
  • Styles Available
  • Budgets & Costings
  • Commercial lease options available (not available for residential lodges)

All you have to do is CONTACT US.

If you want a friendly chat about your project over a cup of tea, try us out!

With the Summer days with us now outdoor & social distancing is so much easier!

You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain.

Stay safe and we’ll be glad to assist you in anyway we can.

Until then, all the best!

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