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Whether You Say Granny Annex or Granny Annexe? - Here's How We Help Mums & Dads Live Happily Ever After At The Bottom of the Garden

To successfully build a granny annex in your garden you will need Planning Permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness. We offer both as part of our turn-key service.

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Wouldn't It Be Great If There Was A Way To  Downsize Without Compromise, And Play It Smart With The UK Property Ladder?

If you answered YES, then building an annexe in your back garden could be just what you are looking for.

One of the most searched for terms on Google right now with the words "granny annexe" in is "house with granny annexe."

That means that if you are thinking about building an annexe in your back garden, you are also creating one of the most desirable homes in the UK right now and in the future.

Annexes are helping to solve the affordable housing & elderly care problems for young and old alike.

Whether it is or taking on the role of elderly care, downsizing and freeing up equity, or helping young independent adults and single parent families get a home of their own in the current expensive UK property climate, annexes are the perfect solution.

Granny Annex Models & Choices (Suitable for most sized gardens and budgets of £65,000 to £120,000)

If you are looking for a beautifully built, easy to maintain garden annexe, the iHUS HUScore annexe range is superb.

We've been working closely with iHUS since 2016 and cover the West Midlands & Central region as granny annexe consultants on their behalf.

With a choice of over 10 models in 3 sizes, you have over 30 amazing granny annexe floor plans to choose from with a wide choice of internal and external options included as standard.

Prices Start From Just £62,740 - Complete

The average cost of a Care Home in the UK currently is around £1,000 a week

Each Granny Annex model is available in 3 sizes, STANDARD, EXTRA and EXTRA PLUS and is available with either a FLAT ROOF or PITCHED ROOF.

The Cantley Granny Annex


The Cantley granny annex is a one bedroom annexe that is perfect for elderly care, downsizing or an affordable first home of your own.

The Bawtry Granny Annex


The Bawtry granny annex is one of our most popular one bedroom annexes. It's ideal for elderly care, downsizing or an affordable first home of your own.

The Ravenscroft Granny Annex


The Ravenscroft granny annex is a one bedroom annex suitable for medium to large size gardens.. It's ideal for elderly care, downsizing or an affordable first home of your own.

The Dunscroft Granny Annex


The Dunscroft granny annex is an L-shaped granny annex which makes it appealing. It's also ideal for a corner plot.

The Hickleton Granny Annex


The Hickleton granny annex is one of our new floor plans created from some of most frequently asked for customizations. It's modern lay out is clean and uncluttered.

The Melton Granny Annex


The Melton granny annex is the first of our two bedroom granny annexes. With a larger master bedroom and small second bedroom, this is perfect for a spare room or hobby room.

The Cadeby Granny Annex


The Cadeby granny annex has bedrooms at either side of the central living area. This is a very popular layout for quite a number of our granny annex customer.s

The Loversall Granny Annex


The Loversall granny annex is one of our most popular granny annex floor plans with two good sized bedrooms, a great kitchen and good sized living area.

The Hatfield Granny Annex


The Hatfield granny annex is the two bedroom version of our popular Dunscroft granny annex. It's kerb appeal speaks for itself especially with the pitched roof option.

The Wheatley Granny Annex


The Wheatley granny annex has a superb floor plan that has all the elements you would expect in a modern home or apartment. Suitable for larger gardens only.

All Granny Annex Models Shown Come With A Host Of Standard Features

  • Turn-Key Granny Annex Service From Start To Finish
  • 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Free On Site Consultation Nationwide
  • 100% British Manufacture
  • In-House Planning Service With A 90% Success Rate (*Additional Fees Apply)
  • Flat Or Pitched Roof Options (*Pitched Roof Options Cost Extra To Prices Shown)
  • Choice Of 3 Sizes, Standard, Extra or Extra Plus
  • Choice Of External Cladding Colours (Cladding carries a 50 year manufacturers warranty)
  • Choice of Interior Choices To Personalize Your Granny Annex
  • Service Connection And Concrete Pad Foundations Within 10 Metres Of Existing Main House (subject to site survey)
  • Shower Room As Standard (Wet rooms available at an extra cost)

Every iHUS Annexe Can Be Personalized And Adapted To Meet Your Needs Now And In The Future

We see hundreds of people every year looking for Care Home or Retirement Home alternatives for parents looking to downsize to an annexe in the garden.

The number one reason we see driving the decision to switch to annexe living with family members nearby is loneliness.

Secondary to that is of course anticipating that elderly care may be required at some time in the future. Once that conversation within a family develops, a lot of research goes into the options for catering for both.

Building an annexe in your back garden is the #1 choice for a growing number of people in the UK right now who have looked at all the options and decided to make the smart choice of building an annexe.

It really is the smartest choice for most families who have looked at all the costs involved of part-time or full time care and decided that releasing equity to buy an annexe would be the best thing to do for all the family.

The very best time to downsize to an annexe is when it’s a lifestyle choice not a necessity. And we see plenty of 70 & 80 year olds who would easily pass for someone years younger.

Annexes are the most popular choice for keeping Mum, Dad or both within easy reach if needed but letting them enjoy their independence at the same time.

We Call It Downsizing Without Comprising!

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