Estate Agents See Increase in Granny Annexe for Sale


What we’ve known for years now about granny annexes is suddenly beginning to become a noticeable trend for Estate Agents as they see an increase in demand for houses with a granny annexe for sale.

Some of our customers granny annexe journeys begin on Right Move looking for a house for sale with a granny annexe. And as they are still hard to find this can become a fruitless search quite quickly.

Or you might find a house for sale with an annexe which is nothing like the type of granny annexe you are looking for as Estate Agents have described a 10′ x 10′ room with an en-suite shower room a “granny annexe.”

Granny annexes of the type and high quality we build quickly become an asset to the main home owner and are potentially very hot property if & when you decide to sell up in the future.

So when we stumbled across a recent article in the Daily Mail we were delighted that it highlighted the value of adding a granny annexe to your property & why it’s a growing trend.

“Annextra room! Garden extensions are no longer just for Granny – now we’re building them for offices and gyms and could add £91k to your home

  • Councils received around 9,000 planning applications for annexes in 2019/20 
  • Around a fifth of these are to convert existing outbuildings like a garage or shed 
  • Insurer Churchill claims annexes add an average £91,000 to the value of a home 

source : Daily Mail August 7th 2021

A high quality annexe can be a smart investment

I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of what are garden Summer houses being sold as a “granny annexes” online.

There is a world of difference between a garden building and a high quality super insulated granny annexe of the type we supply & build. And potential buyers for your house will notice the difference too.

Understanding the key differences between what is an incidental building and an ancillary building will help you make a better decision as a family & provide your loved ones with a far superior annexe that is much more likely to add value to your property in the future.

“House with granny annexe for sale is a trending search term right now.”

"granny annex floor plan"
Floor plan shown is the Rydal 56 custom annexe

Here's what happened when we shared the Daily Mail article on our Facebook page.

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So when we shared the Daily Mail article recently we saw a huge spike in engagements as it caught people’s attention and they started sharing it with their friends & family.

People ask us all the time if any of our annexe customers have sold their property with a granny annexe and if so what happened to the value of the main property?

Eden added over £90,000 to the value of the main house

One of the first custom annexes we built back in 2012 was this one bedroom L-shaped annexe in Braintree in Essex.

The main house was a 4 bedroom detached house and the granny annexe overlooked a golf course (there are always factors you need to take into account when valuing a property for sale with a granny annexe, location being an important one.)

The main house was valued a few weeks before the annexe was built and was sold within a few years for in excess of £90,000 of the original valuation.

As granny annexes are still a relatively new concept in the UK there are not too many case studies to refer to.

"Custom build on site granny annexe"

Adding value in other ways

Another way to plan your granny annexe in terms of an investment rather than an expense is to think about the long term value of adding ancillary accommodation to your main home.

This lovely annexe in Newcastle Under Lyme is an AirBNB with a 5 star rating and over 40 reviews.

Sometimes you’ll find the perfect solution to finding a granny annexe for sale in your ideal location and within your budget and Estate Agents will be keen to match as many of your ideal criteria as possible.

Most of our granny annexe customers have found it easier and more cost effective to build a custom annexe in their garden as the perfect solution.

When it comes to houses for sale with a granny annexe the demand is most definitely outstripping the supply. And that will keep adding value for many years to come.

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