Commercial Salon & Spa Lodge Case Study

Our modular style lodges are not only perfect for residential annexes and retirement planning, they are also perfect for commercial uses too.

Throughout the UK our new digital lifestyles have created changing patterns in the way we do everyday things.

From shopping less on the High Street to shopping more online, we are taking more frequent short breaks several times a year instead of a traditional fortnight Summer holiday and we are exploring & uploading our experiences to Social media platforms in favour of collecting material “things.”

It’s safe to say as 2020 begins so does a whole new era based on making different choices, embracing new technology and thinking outside the box when it comes to business.

These changes in our lifestyles have already had a direct effect on the High Street which has been well documented. 

But as the UK looks set to exit the EU in the near future many farmers, golf course owners, fishing lake owners and hotel & guest lodge business owners are looking for ways they can diversify and create new income streams that attract this new lifestyle orientated customer into booking a short stay with them by offering something different.

In addition to our popular Guest Lodge Business Start-Up Packages, which are suitable for anyone with a decent size plot of land and is looking for income from holiday lets, we’ve also seen more business owners looking at our modular style lodges as instant business premises they can use to set up spa retreats, restaurants, gyms and reception buildings without the cost of a brick built extension.

Let’s look at this lovely adaptation of the Casa Di Lusso lodge as a stunning resort style spa.

A Spa Lodge (Instant Business Premises Ready For Paying Customers)

"Spa Lodge"

As a modern day business owner, matching the live well, YOLO (you only live once) sentiment of people seeking out experiences to share on social media is a whole new concept.

When you can research “where to stay” so easily on websites like Tripadvisor the more you can do to stand out, the better.

With hotels competing against some stunning Airbnb options for travelling happy consumers today, we live in a world where we are all just a few clicks away from our next great weekend break.

Adding a Spa is a great idea as it makes sense to appeal to our love of everything designed to enhance our well being.

It’s also a great way to appeal to people looking to turn a short break into a Spa weekend.

Appealing To Our Love Of Spa Weekends

"Spa lodge"

With our modular style lodges, you can expect a manufacturing time of around 10-12 weeks depending on the time of year but the real beauty of a Spa Lodge like this lies in the fact that once all the design details, size and specification is completed and signed off to your liking, you can sit back go about your business waiting for new business premises to arrive.

We’ll even install the foundations and prepare the Planning Permission if required. It really is a full turn-key service for our business customers too.

And if you would like a decked area for your Spa Lodge, we can arrange that too.

A Stunning Reception For Your Spa Lodge Guests

""Spa lodge"

With all the design and specification to match your preference from our huge range of interior and exterior finishes, you can literally create a modern Spa for your guests that they will love.

This Spa lodge benefits from lots of daylight streaming in through the glazed floor to ceiling windows making the space warm, bright, modern and welcoming.

All our Spa lodges come fully equipped with flooring, decor, furnishings if required, heating, lighting, electrics and plumbing.

Relaxed Guests Are Happy Guests

"spa lodge"

The large interior floor space can be adapted for any use commercially that you need. In this case study the Spa lodge has been used to create a reception area, a relaxing treatment area and more.

"spa lodge"
"spa lodge"
"spa lodge"

With the way in which our lodge style annexes are constructed you can be assured of their build quality and finish making them very versatile for many commercial uses.

And when you factor in the costs involved with building an extension they make great value for money too.

"Book A Free On Site Consultation"

We offer a full turn-key service to help you achieve the best possible outcome without the stress and hassle involved of trying to do everything yourself.


  • Our modular style lodges are not only perfect for residential annexes and retirement planning, they are also perfect for commercial uses too.
  • A Spa Lodge like this case study demonstrates how to adapt to the consumer preference for more frequent short breaks today.
  • Commercial lodges are “instant business premises” at a size and specification you can tailor-make to suit your customers.
  • Diversification is a buzz word for farmers, golf course & fishing lake owners, hotel owners and any business looking to make a better return from their existing leisure business.

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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