Granny Annexe In Shropshire (Case Study)

Whitchurch in Shropshire was the location for Sarah’s granny annexe, a granny annexe in Shropshire for her Mum in the garden where she could live independently but still be close to Sarah at the same time. With Sarah’s keen eye for design, this contemporary granny annexe is one of our favourites.

Sarah’s brief was for a Contemporary style annexe with modern clean lines, cedar cladding and a deck / ramp for easy access.

We had to obtain planning permission on her behalf from North Shropshire Council which we did in record time before building the annexe in Spring 2017.

Here are all the details of how we achieved this super granny annexe in Shropshire.

Granny Annexe Case Study : Contemporary Granny Annexe In Shropshire

"Contemporary granny annexe"

As you can see from the doll’s house view, this contemporary granny annexe in Shropshire is a lovely size. With long windows and vertical exterior cladding to give a more contemporary look. As most granny annexes are built in gardens with neighbouring properties on several sides, it really needs careful consideration when it comes to the design details, especially to allow as much light in as possible from the front elevation.

Sarah’s Mum was  downsizing  from a larger house and wanted  additional storage, which we built into the small hallway for her.

It sits in a beautiful sunny corner of the garden, which was another consideration to take into account when designing the annexe with Sarah.

We pride ourselves on working with our customer’s preferences as much as possible as we believe every granny annexe is as individual as it’s owner.

For those of you who like all the dimension details (as you would if you were considering buying a new home for example) here are the external dimensions showing all the details about this granny annexe in Shropshire in more detail.

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"contemporary granny annex floor plan"

With a length of over 10 metres ( over 34 feet in imperial measurements) and a maximum width of 5 metres ( over 16 feet) we were able to create a lovely L-shaped granny annexe layout that included a master bedroom with wardobe space, a small hallway, a shower room, hallway storage and a lovely open plan living room / kitchen / dining area with a small breakfast bar.

Everything you see was included in the price of around £87,000 (mobile homes like this are zero rated for VAT purposes) and as this is a turn-key service we were able to build this annexe from start to finish in around 10 weeks once we obtained planning permission.

This was applied for under the normal Residential Planning Permission Application which you can read more about by clicking here.

As you can see from the floor plans, this contemporary granny annexe is one-level living (like a bungalow) but with the look and feel of an apartment.

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Inside Our Contemporary Granny Annexe In Shropshire


"contemporary granny annexe"

All the windows are  A rated double glazed UPVC windows, in this granny annexe the windows are Anthracite Grey on the outside and white on the inside to maximise light and make it easy to work with when it comes to the interior design.

The grey windows on the outside add to the contemporary look and feel of the granny annexe.

As you can see here the laminate flooring is a high quality hard wearing flooring that is fitted throughout the annexe.

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"contemporary granny annexe"

The kitchen is a Howden’s kitchen from the Burford range and is in a delightful stone colour which looks fantastic with the square edge butcher’s block effect worktop. We packed in as many cupboards for storage as we could plus a small breakfast bar for that all important  morning coffee to start your day.

The appliances are all standard with every custom or bespoke granny annexe like this one.

As with any open plan living / dining / kitchen design, keeping everything neutral helps create a cosy, light and airy space.

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"contemporary granny annexe"

We built in a space in the master bedroom for a large double wardrobe and continued the oak theme with the internal doors.

As you can see from the photo above, all walls are plaster finish and are painted in your choice of wall colour ready for you to move in, just like a new home.

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"contemporary granny annexe"

With Sarah’s input, we loved what we managed to create with the bathroom. The vanity unit was the customer’s own choice and the shower is both practical and pretty with shower wall for easy cleaning. The large chrome towel rail keeps everything cosy and warm too.

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We like to think our granny annexe in Shropshire is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

We used British Cedar to clad the exterior of this well insulated, timber frame granny annexe as the customer wanted a contemporary look to the building. The long windows compliment the design perfectly.

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"contemporary granny annexe"

When the evening starts to close in, on go those lovely down lights to give this superb granny annexe the “under the spotlight” look everyone loves.

As you can see this granny annexe sits in the corner of the garden where it isn’t overlooked to allow Sarah’s Mum to enjoy the evening on her new deck.

Surprisingly from time to time it rains in the Shropshire too 😉

This granny annexe has everything you could possibly want if you are serious about Mum, Dad (or both) coming to live in your garden.

The custom granny annexes we design and build are tailor-made to the customer’s wish list whenever possible, and this one has one of the best aspects nestled in among the mature planting and hard landscaping.

Living in an annexe is very quiet compared to being next to a main road.

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"contemporary granny annexe"

We offer all aspects of hard landscaping too as part our of Outdoor Living Spaces services.

This allows our customers to work with one company from start to finish and can literally transform your new outdoor living space into something that is low maintenance and modern.

It also adds a lot of desirability and value to your home too!

There is something quite unique about building a granny annexe in your back garden that allows you total peace of mind that you have your loved ones close to hand but not too close for either of you to feel anything other than completely at home.

In all the years we’ve been building granny annexes, we’ve never known anyone regret the decision as it literally can change lives for the better.

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  1. Our granny annexe in Shropshire is one of our custom annexes. We also offer more standard annexes from the iHUS Core range.
  2. We obtained planning permission for this granny annexe from North Shropshire Council. It’s part of the turn-key service we offer.
  3. The contemporary styling was a special request from our customer and I think you will agree that the end result is stunning.

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living UK

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