Introducing The Burleigh Mobile Home Annexe, Stylish And 100% Compliant With The Caravan Act

We’ve recently raised the bar when it comes to residential mobile home annexes by partnering with one of the largest manufacturers of mobile homes in the UK. 

We want to deliver to you the very best service and the very best build experience when it comes to building an annexe in your back garden.

So as we build our portfolio of contemporary residential mobile homes over the next few months, we thought we’d share one of the most popular traditional mobile home annexes available today which is the Burleigh. 

The Burleigh mobile home annexe is available 11 different sizes and has many custom options to choose from including a fully furnished option if required.

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Burleigh Residential Mobile Home Annexe (Available In 11 different sizes)

Residential Mobile Homes Built Specifically For The Caravan Act

When it comes to building a mobile home or annexe in your garden there are always a great many considerations for you and your family members to decide including:-

  • Planning Permission & The Best Way To Go About It?
  • Who Will Be Living In The Annexe?
  • Financing The Project?
  • Making The Right Choice For The Immediate And Longer Term Future As A Family.
  • Choosing The Right Style, Size & Budget For The Annexe.
  • Which Type Of Construction Is the Best? SIPS, Timber-Frame or Manufactured To BS 3632?
  • Checking Existing Services And Access To The Proposed Site For Any Issues That Might Arise.

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And That’s Exactly What We Can Help You With When You Book A Free On-Site Consultation With Us

"Book A Free On Site Consultation"

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Thinking About The Caravan Act?

As residential mobile homes are considered by our customers to be a “real little home” at the bottom of the garden it’s important to think about the short term, medium-term and longer-term use of your mobile home which must always be for a member of the family (which will usually be a condition made by your Local Planning Authority when granting Planning Permission.)

As in the case of all our Residential Mobile Annexes of this type (like the Burleigh) they are 100% compliant with regards to what is commonly referred to as The Caravan Act and can be sited in your garden with A Certificate of Lawfulness.

This is commonly referred to online as “not requiring Planning Permission.”

However a Certificate of Lawfulness can only be obtained from your Local Planning Authority and is something you should not try yourself.

We can offer this service on your behalf.

Important Considerations For Caravan Act Compliance

  • LOCATION – Your mobile home residential annexe must be sited in the curtilage of the house. (That is restricted to the immediate surrounding of the house, drive or garden.)
  • USE – The annexe must be used by a family member or as guest accommodation and not rented out as a private residence or business premises.
  • STRUCTURE – The structure of your residential mobile annexe must conform to the legal definition of a “caravan.”
  • All our fully manufactured lodge style annexes (like the Burleigh) are built to residential standards BS 3632 but are legally defined as “caravans” as they are built and transported on a chassis.

So What Do Modern “Caravans” Look Like?

Well, we’re glad you asked because quite simply, they are stunning.

One of the other benefits to this style of residential mobile annexe is that all the building work (excluding the foundations and service connections) are done inside the factory.

You can just sit back & relax once the design phase is over and wait for your beautiful new home to arrive.

Sample: Burleigh Residential Mobile Annexe Floor Plan 40’x 20′ (12M x 6M)

Please email us for any additional floor plans you require and yes, you can make changes if you wish, it’s a very bespoke service we offer.

The Burleigh Open Plan Living / Kitchen / Dining Space

One of the most stunning features of this type of residential mobile annexes is the amount of light flooding into your living space.

These lodge style mobile annexes are designed for luxury end holiday lodges and residential retirement living.

The Burleigh layout is beautiful from the moment you walk in to the spacious open plan living / dining / kitchen area where there is also a handy closet for coats, shoes and utilities.

With a wide choice of finishes available both inside & out it can be difficult to know where to start.

One of the best (and easiest ways) is to arrange a visit to the show centre where you can walk round the Burleigh and visit the Design Studio to see for yourself exactly what’s on offer at a time to suit you.

All Show Centre visits are pre-arranged and subject to models being available but it’s a real eye-opener if you are serious about annexe living in style.

We firmly believe in our mantra “Downsize Without The Compromise!”

All Burleigh Floor Plans Come With A Master Bedroom Ensuite As Standard

In addition to the open plan living / dining / kitchen area the Burleigh Residential Mobile Annexe also boasts two bedrooms (one with an en-suite shower room), and a main bathroom.

Sizes & Guide Prices Available For The Burleigh Residential Mobile Annexe

  • 36′ x 20′ (10.9M x 6M) 2 BED – Guide price around £87,000
  • 38′ X 20′ (11.5M X 6M) 2 BED – Guide price around £89,000
  • 40′ x 20′ (12M x 6M) 2 BED – Guide price around £91,000
  • 42′ x 20′ (12.8M x 6M) 2 BED – Guide price around £96,000
  • 42′ x 20′ (12.8M x 6M) *3 BED – Guide price around £100,000
  • 45′ x 20′ (13.7M x 6M) *3 BED – Guide price around £107,000
  • 36′ x 22′ (10.9M x 6.7M) 2 BED – Guide price around £96,000
  • 40′ x 22′ (12M x 6.7M) 2 BED – Guide price around £101,000
  • 42′ x 22′ (12.8M x 6.7M) 2 BED – Guide price around £106,000
  • 42′ x 22′ (12.8M x 6.7M) *3 BED – Guide price around £110,000
  • 45′ x 22′ (13.7M x 6.7M) *3 BED – Guide price around £118,000


We can advise of actual costings and any discounts that may apply after our initial Free On Site Consultation.


  • All residential mobile annexes of this type are manufactured to BS 3632 and comply with the Caravan Act as a potential solution where standard Planning Permission may be refused.
  • The Burleigh residential mobile annexe can be viewed on an appointment basis as part of our commitment to excellent service.
  • Guideline prices given are for fully furnished residential mobile annexes and for the standard specification and sizes. Bespoke options are available on request.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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