We Will Have Masks On For Now But We’re Back Carrying Out Free On Site Consultations

First & foremost we hope you and your family & friends are safe and well as we tentatively ease our way out of the first few weeks of the Coronavirus lock down period.

In some ways it’s nice to feel a little bit more like business as normal, although of course I think we are all a little nervous about how to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

We want YOU to be safe and our teams to be safe.

And we will be following the Government guidance on visiting people’s home as closely as possible.

Click here to read the Government guidelines in preparation for a visit from one of team or other people who may be coming to carry out work or surveys at your home.

The great thing about our free consultation service is that the garden survey is outside and if the sun is shining & the temperatures are Spring like we should all be fine.

Virtual Consultations Are Great But Talking To Someone Face to Face (or Mask to Mask) Is Always Better

Although the virtual services are helpful, when you are thinking about a major purchase such as a garden annexe, you really need to meet someone to talk it all through properly.

And from our perspective we can tell a lot from our planning surveys, Google maps and fancy software but nothing beats being able to see the site and it’s current challenges with our own eyes.

It’s a must-do for all concerned.

No guess work, just an accurate process to ensure you get the best possible garden annexe for your needs and as close to your budget as possible.

So that’s why we’re back out & about offering free on site consultations.

In an ideal world, we’d love to see B&B’s and hotels offering accommodation for long distance consultations but of course this is anything but an ideal world at the moment.

Let’s Discuss Your Best Planning Route For Success

When we carry out a free on site consultation we can survey your garden, access the site with a view to orientation, surrounding factors & neighbours and advise you on the best route for planning success.

We have a success rate that is well over 90% so you are in safe hands.

We’ll measure the site and discuss your floor plan, interior & exterior choices and in most cases we’ll leave you with a quotation based on the size, design, specification and floor plan we discussed.

We’ll make sure there are no hidden costs to worry about.

And Why Not Make Full Use Of Our Half-Price Planning Offer For Orders Placed Before June 11th 2020

We’ve all been affected in some way by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, but the age group of 60+ has been high-lighted as potentially being the most vulnerable.

Elderly care needs today are upper most in a lot of people’s minds regardless of the current pandemic situation.

We’ve been involved in helping people build garden annexes for years as an alternative to Care Home care for those who choose to take on that role & responsibility partnered with home care providers.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has presented Local Planning Authorities with many challenges some of which may be beneficial to you if you are thinking about a garden annexe for a member of your family.

They say every cloud has a silver lining and we’re potentially seeing one of those with regards to planning applications and garden annexes at the moment.

  • Your Local Planning Authority are fully equipped for dealing with your planning application via working from home.
  • The case officers have been given greater decision making powers.
  • There are signs going forwards that there will be increased emphasis placed on annexe applications that support elderly care needs.

If you want one of our team to chat to about your project, the best planning route for success, which floor plan & design will suit you & your site perfectly, then why not Contact Us and book a friendly on site consultation.

You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain.

Stay safe & we’ll be glad to assist you in anyway we can.

Until then, all the best !

Pete & Diane Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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