5 Garden Design Ideas To Enhance Annexe Living

One of the keys to making garden annexe living a real success for all concerned is to think creatively about the shared garden space and make the most of it.


1. Decking Compliments Garden Annexe Living Beautifully

As most of our custom garden annexe or garden lodges have horizontal or vertical exterior cladding, a decked area around your new annexe can compliment it beautifully.

With French doors opening out on to the garden, an outdoor living space like the one above can quickly become one of the best and moved loved aspects of annexe living.

As most garden annexes span the garden and look back towards the main house, a decked area can finish off your new garden annexe to perfection and provide additional living space for the new annexe owner at the same time.


2. Family Dining In A Shared Garden Space

In a smaller garden, the new family annexe is likely to be towards the end of the garden leaving you the challenge of landscaping your garden area to suit both the main house family & the new annexe owner.

In today’s fast-paced world gardening and garden landscaping has had to become much more easy maintenance than ever before and hard landscaping can be a great investment over time.

If you are sharing a garden space, why not embrace multi-generation living with a shared dining space like the one pictured above.

It’s a great way to join in all the family fun and you can share the cooking!


3. Artificial Grass For Mud Free Visiting

If you are lucky enough to have a Spring / Summer build and the weather is hot & sunny, you may not think about what that short but essential trip to your new garden annexe may be like in the Winter months.

One of the increasingly popular ways in which to create a great all year round surface today that copes with all weathers is artificial grass.

It works well with hard landscaping and checks all the boxes when it comes to low maintenance and as for mud free paws and footprints?

It’s hard to find something better.


4. A Place Of Your Own With A Space Of Your Own

If you have a long garden and plan on having a garden annexe that runs across the garden and faces the main house, you may want to leave some space at the back to create your own private patio or garden area.

Having that little haven of your own when you want to relax and get away from it all can greatly enhance annexe living for you and your family. We all need our own space from time to time and this can be a great solution without costing an arm and a leg.


5. A Real Little Home At The Bottom Of The Garden

"Garden Annex"

With a new commute time to Grandma’s annexe being typically less than 2 minutes, spending some time thinking about the new garden layout & paths that lead to & from the annexe will be a good investment of your time.

Some of the best choices include:-

  1. Slabs are a great choice (although like decking they can become slippy when icy).
  2. Decking with built in anti-slip grooves may be a good choice. (see Antislip decking on the Marley website by clicking here.)
  3. Coloured or regular pea gravel is a budget friendly choice (but not if mobility is an issue).

Whatever you choose, make it as safe and low maintenance as possible.



If You Are Thinking About Building A Garden Annexe Or Installing A Lodge In Your Garden & Don’t Know Where To Start Talk To Us First!

We’re available to discuss all aspects of your project:

  • Planning Permission
  • Floor plans
  • Mains Services & Connections
  • Sizes
  • Styles Available
  • Budgets & Costings
  • Commercial lease options available (not available for residential lodges)

All you have to do is CONTACT US.

If you want a friendly chat about your project over a cup of tea, try us out!

You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain.

Stay safe and we’ll be glad to assist you in anyway we can.

Until then, all the best !

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