Does An Annexe Or Lodge Add Value To My House?

One of the main considerations for many of our customers when thinking about adding an annexe to their house is whether or not the annexe will add value?

As with all things property related in the UK, location will be a dominating factor in how much value any addition to your house will have, whether it is a home improvement (such as a new kitchen or bathroom), an extension or an annexe.

However for many more people today annexe living is becoming a very attractive option when you compare the cost of an annexe to the costs involved of Care Home care which can be £1,000 per week or more in some areas of the UK.

So by doing a quick calculation based on £1,000 a week in Care Home costs,  and an annexe costing less than £100,000 it will typically pay for itself in less than 2 years which is great value for money.

The real attraction of adding an annexe to your main house goes far beyond simply adding value if you choose to sell your property in the future.

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We know of two real-life case studies where we’ve seen an annexe not only increase the value of the main property but also why it can help the house sell much more quickly.
It’s a long term investment that you & your family can benefit from for many years to come when done right.

Case Study 1. The Eden Annexe

It was sold within the last few years for more than the original value of the house and the annexe combined.

One of the first annexes we built was this well loved L-shaped annexe in Essex, fondly called EDEN by it’s owner at the time.

Built a few years ago for around £ 93,000 this one bedroom annexe sits within the garden of a 4 bedroom detached house.

One of the main reasons it sold so quickly was that it provided the new owners with an instant solution to their own needs for an annexe for their parents to live in.

Many of our customers tell us of their long and arduous search for a property with a garden large enough to build an annexe in within their budget and in a location that suits all members of the family.

For a lot of people that search quickly becomes fruitless or out of reach in terms of their budget.

And that’s where the Beauty of Annexe Living comes to the rescue as the solution to the problem.

They offer more flexibility, better value for money and a longer term investment than probably any other major house purchase because of their desire-ability.

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Case Study 2. Mum's Annexe

When our Mother needed a cost effective solution to moving to live in my brother’s garden, an annexe was by far the best choice.

The main house was a large 3 bedroom semi-detached house with a large plot and it was sold within the last few years for more than the original cost of the house and annexe combined.

In fact my brother freely admits that it could have been sold 3 times over, as there was no shortage of interest no matter what the property market elsewhere was doing.

The reason the house sold so quickly was just like with the EDEN example above, it was the addition of the annexe that provided the new owners exactly what they needed, which was additional living accommodation to the main house.

There are no guarantees with property, but your real return on investment goes on for years

Annexes have evolved quite a bit since we built the two annexes mentioned in the Case Studies above.

In addition to the Custom Build on Site Annexes, we can also now supply a stunning range of fully furnished residential lodge style annexes that make annexe living even easier than ever before.

All our lodge style annexes can be sited within your garden with a Certificate of Lawfulness side-stepping some Planning permission issues with Local Planning Authorities.

Plus they can be moved at any time in the future should your needs or location change.

Or they can be sold on if your circumstances change, giving you plenty of options when it comes to weighing up what’s best for your and your family.

One thing’s for certain, nobody knows what’s around the corner so a family annexe is a great investment today that can pay dividends in multiple ways for many years to come.

As one of our customer’s put it recently when they built an annexe for their daughter & her little girl, “That’s exactly what they need right now and it will be my pension in the future.

Play it smart when it comes to adding value to your property, that’s “The Beauty of Annexe Living!”

In Summary

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