7 Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Create Your Own Garden Oasis

7 Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Create Your Own Garden Oasis

When it comes to modern Outdoor Living spaces entertainment, relaxation, family time and dining out come top of the list.

Maybe it’s just the pace of modern day life and the demands on our time but gardening seems to be something that has slipped down the list on our must-do tasks and yet there really is nothing more satisfying than creating a beautiful outdoor oasis to enjoy all year round.

So in this week’s feature article we have brought together some of the best ideas we’ve found to help turn your Outdoor Living Space into your own personal garden oasis.


1. Create A Screened Hot Tub Area For That Holiday Feeling All Year Round

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas"

When it comes to taking UK breaks at exclusive holiday park resorts, hot tubs are usually a deciding factor for making that booking.

Most of us have every intention at the start of the New Year to make sure we cut down on our screen time (whether it’s your phone, laptop, computer TV) and increase our relaxation time.

Hot tub popularity has come and gone over the years but right now they are back in fashion and on the wish-list for many of us who would love nothing more than to end the day in a hot tub full of bubbles to help us de-stress, wind down & relax.


2. Outdoor Lighting Creates A Beautiful Atmosphere As The Sun Goes Down

Solar Lights for the garden have evolved so much over the last few years and come in a wide variety of styles & choices.

On trend this year are real flame effect bulbs like the TIKI torch seen here.

Turning your Outdoor Living Space into a garden oasis means planning your garden and pathways like a resort. Light up your pathways, add solar lighting to your favourite flower beds, illuminate your planters and make sure you add lighting to any steps or walls that are usually dark areas of your garden when the sun goes down.

"garden oasis"

Solar lighting becomes a bit like Pringles, once you start adding them, it’s hard to stop. A great website to start with is The Solar Centre.


3. Plants & Flowers Are Natures Jewellery For The Garden

"garden oasis ideas"

For modern low maintenance gardening choose evergreen architectural style plants & perennials to add style & flair to your favourite areas of the garden. Evergreen architectural plants include bay trees & cordyline palms

"outdoor living spaces ideas"

"outdoor living space ideas"

Perennials are plants that no garden, large or small should be without. They are almost entirely hassle free plants that once planted will grow back year after year, hence the term perennial. Pictured below is the Giant Globe Allium perennial from GardeningExpress.co.uk

"outdoor living space ideas"

Buying plants online can be tricky when it comes to size so why not pay a visit to your local Garden Centre and check the sizes of the containers and what they have to offer as well.


4. Add An Outdoor Clock For Style & Interest

"outdoor living spaces ideas"

Outdoor clocks have been popular outdoor living space accessories since the Victorian age. This lovely wall clock is available from Primrose.co.uk. they offer a huge range of Outdoor Clocks including Copper Clocks with Thermometers so you can make sure you not out in the hot sun for too long as you potter through your outdoor oasis.


5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space Instantly With Rattan Furniture & Accessories

"outdoor living space ideas"

One of the greatest inventions in the last few years that has transformed our Outdoor Living Spaces into an outdoor living room is weather-proof rattan furniture.

Prices vary from thousands of pounds to hundreds of pounds based on the quality of the furniture so start your search on sites such as Ebay or Amazon to see where you can find a deal that suits your budget.

You’ll find better deals available now before the Spring / Summer season gets fully underway.

Then head online again or visit your favourite retail park for great for outdoor dining in style with all the beautiful acrylic plates, glasses & tumblers available to make your next BBQ a real outdoor dining experience.


6. Define Your Outdoor Living Space With A Pergola & Composite Decking

"outdoor living space ideas"

Creating zones in your open plan living space works just as well outdoors too.

Composite decking like this Trex decking offers you a wide range of colours and styles with the added benefit of being low maintenance too. (Personally I found jet washing & maintaining patio slabs far more problematic than looking after decking)

Adding a pergola like the one above gives added definition to the space and provides interest & height to the garden landscaping.


7. Switch Up Your Planters For An Instant Update

"outdoor living space ideas"

Faceted planters like these are on trend this year as angles replace the popular straight and tall modern planters of the last couple of years. Again, search around on Ebay or Amazon for the best deals for your budget as prices range from hundreds of pounds to between £15-£50 for a more budget friendly range depending on the final style & size you choose.

Changing up your planters gives an instant update to any Outdoor Living Space and adds a modern look that works very well with other modern low maintenance features like gravel, decking and modern paving options.

I for one can’t wait to put some of these great ideas into action! 



  1. Hot tubs are back on the wish list in our quest for a better work / life balance and ways to unwind after a hard day.
  2. Solar & LED outdoor lighting are easy and affordable ways to add drama and atmosphere you can enjoy when the sun goes down.
  3. Plants & modern planters add nature’s jewellery to your garden for that outdoor oasis look.
  4. Create and define zones in your Outdoor Living Space just as you would in your home and add height, structure, outdoor furniture and low maintenance decking for a outdoor room you’ll find yourself using at least 3 our of the 4 seasons even with the unpredictable UK weather to contend with.
  5.  Use our Contact Us Page to email us if you want to know more about our own Outdoor Living Space services & hard landscaping options.

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