6 Gorgeous Blush Gold & Charcoal Grey Rooms For A Feminine Look

Interior design is like the fashion world (although very few of us change our décor with the seasons as much as we do our clothes) but there are definite TRENDS in interiors too. Trending right now are the colours BLUSH, GOLD and CHARCOAL GREYS.

We’ve always known women tend to be the home makers and (in our house anyway) most of the decisions on the interior colours, soft furnishings and accessories tend to be made by women.
Whereas a decade ago we might have kept everything more neutral and suitable for both male and female tastes in today’s social media and consumer driven economy more feminine furnishings and accessories are available to meet the growing demand.

With an anchor colour of dark greys and charcoals and an accent colour of copper or gold it’s BLUSH that is making an appearance more and more in main furniture pieces that suit a much more feminine palette than ever before.

Whether it’s for a home office, a dining room or for those that dare, the living room BLUSH is trending right now in a big way.


Feature Article: Trending Right Now – Blush Gold And Charcoal Greys

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Blush rose is a very soft colour that looks fantastic with greys of all shades. Together they combine to create a very soft feminine palette that is also very restful. One way you can use this colour is on a feature wall like in the picture above.

With the accent colour being black in this example it can have a more masculine feel than if you use a grey and it works especially well with the textured white fur throw on the chair and carefully chosen pictures on the wall that tie in all the colours beautifully together.

The gold lampshade is the perfect way to introduce the other on trend colour right now too.



Blush Velour Can Look Quite Vintage & Chic

Blush Velour

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Another way to use this trending colour combination is to select one of the large items in the room (such as the sofa and chair in the picture above) and make them the feature of the room.

You can also do this with a large rug or curtains for a less expensive way to be on trend and add in other feminine touches to the room in the same colour and natural wicker works really well with these colours too.

If you are a fan of the vintage chic look blush will work really well as your base colour.


This Look Is Fuelled By Glamorous Gold

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For a total all out girly glamour look gold is the look to go for.

(Obviously this is not a look for a couple here!) Just as we have seen websites like the Female Entrepreneurs Association grow in popularity in recent years, and our love of all those motivational quotes on Facebook so we see the same trends starting to emerge in homes and interior designs.

If you have a home office, zen den or a room where you can be just ridiculously self-indulgent and girly with some careful shopping you can unleash the golden goddess in you with some of the ideas above.


Scatter Cushions For A Quick Style Change

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If you haven’t got a huge budget or simply don’t want your friends and family to walk in to your home and think you’ve regressed to being a teenager again simply change your scatter cushions on your sofa or bedroom to this very grown up and on trend colour palette.

It will look stunning. With copper in particular being used instead of blush you can find a balance that suits everyone.


Bringing The Whole Look Together For A Young Modern Feel

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Interior design today has been made extremely easy and more affordable by the whole host of things in shops with “Made In China” stamped on the bottom.

Even in Next Home you’ll see some of the most reasonably priced items are “Made in China” such is the dominance of China when it comes to making things we like to look at cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

Apart from the blush trend we’ve been seeing throughout this blog post we have also seen it paired up with copper and charcoal grey for a young modern look that is the perfect back drop to those must have GIANT LETTER accessories (light up or not) that we love right now.

Whichever way you choose to use it blush, copper, gold and charcoal greys are a lovely way to add an original colour scheme to any room of your house this season.

"bush go;d interior design ideas"And don’t forget to match your new decor with a blush gold Christmas tree at Christmas!

Grab yourself some fur tinsel, some blush gold baubles and blush gold fairy lights to recreate this spectacular Christmas tree look.

Complete the look and be the envy of your girlfriends with wrapping paper and ribbon to match for all your presents under the tree.


Summary (Pin me to save me for later!)


  1. Trending right now are blush, gold, copper and charcoal greys.
  2. Feminine it may be but it is most definitely an original colour combination for interiors that is proving to be extremely popular.
  3. Make a quick style change with scatter cushions and focus on copper for the metallic element.
  4. For all out girly glamour surrender to golds, blush pinks and soft greys.
As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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