5 Home Inspiration YouTube Channels You Might Fall In Love With


Most of our customers LOVE watching Kevin Mc Cloud’s Grand Designs TV Show. In fact they often admit to watching re-run after re-run.

In the UK I think we are increasingly being starved of a good home show.

And judging by the amount of times designers in the USA visit Home Goods Stores we’re lacking a little in that department too!

So it was a complete surprise to me when I stumbled across these home inspiration YouTube Channels because quite honestly they inspire you to reach for your cleaning equipment. de-clutter and renovate far more than anything I’ve seen on the rare amount of TV I watch these days.

Now before you roll your eyes and think, well how can a YouTube channel be that good?

Hopefully one or more will surprise you in a good way and leave us a comment if you have favourites of your own you’ve found!

#1. Love It Or List It – The Canadian Version

The concept of this show is to inspire you to think twice about moving from the house you live in now, by renovating it (with a pretty big budget) or choose to up-sticks & move to a new location to start a whole chapter on your life.

Every episode I’ve watched has had me surprised by what the people choose to do given the outstanding designer skills of Hilary Farr

The woman has a fantastic eye for colour and design.

David is the Realtor whose task is to find the home owners a new home within their budget & location which would be an upgrade on their current home and have their wish list items if at all possible.

Every episode goes on to show you the amazing transformations Hilary does AND the homes David looks round with the owners of the property.

For me the UK version with Kirstie & Phil simply doesn’t compare on any level. 

It’s entertaining, inspirational and there is always a surprise at the end.

It’s not a YouTube Channel in itself but as with a lot of main stream TV shows aired in the USA, you can use YouTube to watch the show.

So what would you do? Love it or List it?

#2. Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson is the most watched interior designer on YouTube. She is talented, funny and always keen to share her designer touches and insights in a very inspiring way as she reveals her amazing transformations on her YouTube Channel Robeson Design.

Based in San Diego, California she is in high demand as an interior designer which you can fully understand when you can transform spaces like the one below from an empty shell into an amazing apartment.

She has amazingly affordable virtual Design Sessions available for anyone who would love to gain her insider knowledge on all things interior design on her website RobesonDesign.com

And yes she does work with client’s who have a larger than average budget, but keep reading to find out what her daughter Sharrah’s YouTube Channel focuses on 

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#3. Sharrah Robeson Live Your Style Channel

It would be hard to have Rebecca Robeson as your Mom without being inspired by her eye for design.

So this is Sharrah Robeson (Rebecca’s daughter) with HER own YouTube Channel aimed at the more budget friendly / small space living side of life.

UK homes are generally a whole lot smaller than USA homes so she has some great design, organization and style tips that will have you de-cluttering and re-organizing your home in an up to date, easy and modern way.

I happen to think it’s a crying shame that so many young people in the UK are still shut out of home ownership but Sharrah’s tips apply to rental homes too!

It’s hard to find a UK equivalent of the Target or Home Goods stores in the USA, they make shopping for accessories so simple darn it!

4. At Home With Nikki

“Hi Friends!” is how Nikki starts every episode before she inspires you with her attention to detail throughout every square inch of her home.

That would not just be at surface level, it’s every inner drawer, cupboard, closet or storage space too.

She also has a book called Beautifully Organized which is just as pretty & practical as her YouTube Channel.

(we have a copy in our home office of course!)

Nikki will simply blow you away with her home IF you love whites, greys, golds, silvers and black AND have a passion for a beautifully organized home from top to bottom.

Nikki also has a At Work With Nikki Channel where her passion for all things organized has led to her to be in high demand for her services.

Needless to say her office is as elegant as her home.

So if you would like to be inspired to reach for that white paint & shop for accessories to make everything beautiful inside & out check out Nikki’s YouTube Channel today.

#5. Clean My Space

Yep! How to clean your organize your home are hot topics for YouTube Channels. It seems millions of us love to see exactly how the professionals tackle these every day jobs in ways we have never thought of ourselves.

Melissa Maker runs her own cleaning company and has accumulated over a million subscribers to her Clean My Space Channel where she shares her pro tips for cleaning your house from top to bottom.

Like Nikki, her book is on sale at Amazon packed with her tips to keeping your house spic and span. She covers everything including bathrooms, kitchens, tile grout & more including the kitchen sink.

Melissa also makes a lot of her own cleaning products which are environmentally friendly too. It’s time to clean from the top to the bottom, from left to right and whatever you do stop polishing and cleaning your surfaces in a circular motion.

You are just moving the dirt around. Melissa recommends the “S” method.

In Summary

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