3 Residential Annexes Under £67,000 (Ideal For For Single Incomes Or First-Time Buyers)

In addition to our range of 15 Lodge Style Granny Annexes and our unlimited custom build on site annexes, we also have a range of 11 residential mobile home annexes that are perfect for first time buyers & single incomes.

With prices starting at just £44,403 for The Minuet we offer the widest choice available to suit all budgets.

All you need is a medium to large sized garden with good access and we’ll handle the rest.

They even come fully furnished ready for you to move in, it couldn’t be easier or more simple than that.

For a lot of young people today over 50% of their income goes straight out again in rent. 

So if you are in a position to help a member of your family to get a first home of their own, it’s a win / win for all concerned.

An annexe in the family quickly becomes one of the best things you could ever do because it covers so many options for retirement at one end of the scale, and guest accommodation for family & friends when they need it at the other.

In this week’s feature article we look more closely at 3 of the best options for first-time buyers or single income families that are better than renting every day of the week, year in, year out.

#1 Is The Minuet From Just £44,403 It’s One Of The Most Budget Friendly Options Around

From £44,403 (32′ x 10′ / 10.9M x 6M) – Fully Furnished

The Minuet is our lowest priced annexe but it’s absolutely perfect for a first-time home or granny annexe.

It’s available in 9 different floor plans and sizes ranging from 32′ x 10′ to 40′ x 14′ (which retails at £62,288).

The floor plan above shows the 2 bedroom 40′ x 10′ Minuet which has an RRP of £51,251 showing how versatile this range of residential mobile homes are for the annexe market.

As with all these types of annexes, they are built off-site in our centrally located factory here in the UK and then delivered and built on site in a matter of days.

You will need a Certificate of Lawfulness to site a mobile home in your garden which we can apply for on your behalf as part of our turn-key service.

You will also need good access for delivery of these units typically a foot or more wider than the annexe itself.

For example an annexe delivered as a single unit measuring 10 feet in width will need a gap ideally one foot either side.

Some bigger annexes will be delivered in two halves, so an annexe that is 40 feet by 20 feet will also require 12 feet wide access.

We can advise you of how everything works on our free on site consultation when you are ready.

"Book A Free On Site Consultation"

#2 Is The Accolade. A Stunning And Affordable Annexe From Just £60,668 ( 36′ x 12′)

From £60,688 (36′ x 12′ / 10.97m x 3.65m) – Fully Furnished

The Accolade is one of our current show site models and is definitely worth booking a visit to see if you are serious about annexe living for a member of your family.

You will be amazed at how this 36 feet x 12 feet annexe layout feels just like an apartment or small bungalow and it’s perfect for first time buyers and members of your family that would prefer to save rather than throw money away on renting.

With it’s high gloss kitchen, neutral colours and a corner sofa, you would be hard pushed to find anything better value for your money than this lovely home.

 As with all our residential mobile annexes of this type, it complies with the Caravan Act and requires a Certificate of Lawfulness to site in your back garden.

We offer a full turn-key service to help you achieve the best possible outcome without the stress and hassle involved of trying to do everything yourself.

#3 Is The Studio – It’s Unbeatable For Size, Layout & Price!

From £66,509.00 (36′ x 14′ / 10.9M x 4.26M) – Fully Furnished

The Studio is 14′ wide, making it much more accessible to small to medium sized gardens with good access.

As mentioned before, all our Residential Mobile Lodges & Mobile Home Annexes arrive on site in two halves.

As a single unit 10, 12 & 14 feet wide, they will arrive as a complete unit.

Once delivered they are reassembled on site within just a few days ready for you to move in.

While your annexe is being manufactured, we’ll arrange for your base and connection to services to be done ready for the delivery day.

And if you select the fully furnished option that includes the furniture too!

It quite simply can’t be beaten for £66,509

If you have been researching online for a Granny Annexe of a similar size, fully fitted and built on site you are probably looking at upwards of £80,000 or more, unfurnished.

The Studio is also the perfect alternative to renting for a young independent member of your family, a University student or a single income as well as being a picture-perfect granny annexe complete with a low pitched roof.

 As with all our residential mobile annexes of this type, it complies with the Caravan Act and requires a Certificate of Lawfulness to site in your back garden.


  • An annexe is great value for money compared to renting today.
  • They typically pay for themselves in just a few years when you factor in the average cost of renting.
  • They are a great addition to any property today making it a more desirable property in the future if you ever decided to sell up and move on.
  • The 3 annexes featured here start at just £44,403 plus foundations and planning permission (we charge £1900 for our Planning Permission services.)
  • All 3 are perfect for single incomes and first-time buyers looking to side-step the rental trap that so many young people face today.

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living

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