3 Easy Ways To Increase Profits From Day Ticket Fishing

Fishing is something that many angling enthusiasts have loved since childhood.

It’s something they love to pass down to their children and grand children so that they too can enjoy this unique relaxing sport that many anglers consider the prefect get way from it all sport.

Unlike hunting or shooting, fishing allows you to use your muscles, balance and strength together with your mind in order to land your own catch of the day.

And the one that got away?

Well he’ll be yours next time around.

Day ticket fishing is one of the easiest and best ways for people of all ages to enjoy fishing, so how do you as the fishery owner make the most of day ticket fishing enthusiasts?

Here are 3 ideas to increase profits from day ticket fishing…



1. Food Glorious Food

Making available hot tea, coffee & snacks on site as anglers arrive for a long day’s fishing is something that can really help boost your profits. A simple burger style van on site will have anglers coming back & forth all day for hot tea in the winter or a ice cold drink in the Summer.

A simple menu of English breakfasts, bacon rolls, burgers etc is all that is needed to drum up some extra trade for your fishery and keep day ticket anglers coming back for more.

Tip! Think like a golf course owner and drive a small motorized vehicle around the fishing lakes every few hours offering a fresh supply of drinks & snacks.

As word spreads you may just find passing trade from tradesmen, van and delivery drivers too.



2. Bait & Tackle Supplies

Make it easy for day ticket anglers to get everything they need as they arrive.

If they know there will be food & drink and they can also top up their bait & tackle supplies you’ll get a lot more from each day ticket you sell.

It’s the exact same principle that cinemas have used so successfully,

For everyone that simply wants to buy a ticket, watch the movie and go home, there are many more that will use the opportunity to load up on popcorn and drinks to kick-start their move night.

A start up day ticket fishing tool kit may include:-

  • A day ticket or permission to fish
  • A rod & reel or pole
  • Fishing line.
  • Floats
  • Split shot weights
  • Hooks
  • Split shot weights
  • Hooks
  • Disgorger (for unhooking your fish)
  • Plummet
  • Bait
  • Bait, maggots are some of the best
  • Landing net & handle
  • Soft unhooking mat
  • Seat or tackle box.

A simple tent set up selling some of these essentials will quickly become a boost for your day ticket sales.



3. Offer Fishing Lessons

One of the easiest ways to increase your day ticket profits is to attract more members of each family!

That’s more of everything above with regards to food, drinks, tackle & bait and the way to do it is simple.

Offer free or low cost start-up fishing lessons.

A simple half hour or hour lesson thrown in with every day ticket sold to families is a sure-fire way to attract more families to your fishing lake or venue.

Helping more day ticket anglers & their children catch more fish and enjoy their day is the perfect way to boost your business and keep them coming back for more!



Growing Your Fishery Business

Our lodges lend themselves to many fishing related commercial uses, including reception suites for day ticket sales & handling guest lodge or holiday home enquiries through to creating a small tackle shop that also sells hot drinks & snacks, the possibilities are endless.

Today’s fisheries have a challenge to compete with the ever growing UK number of leisure activities such as running, cycling and hill walking that have overtaken fishing as the UK’s favourite leisure sport in recent years.

But with a few modern day additions and a fresh approach to marketing your fishery (which we can help you with) you can soon be reeling in extra income to your business and attracting more customers for many years to come.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page! Use The Contact Us Page To Email Us With Your Enquiry.

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