We All Love The Swedish And Finnish Style SIPS Open Plan Homes But Did You Know UK Companies Can Now Deliver The Same Style Home At Less Cost Without Compromising Any Of The Design Features Your Love?

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WHEN IT COMES TO SIPS HOMES We are supporting UK manufacturers!

For several years the number one option for self-building a SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) Home in the UK was to import your home from countries such as Germany, Sweden or Finland.

However in the last few years there has been a significant increase in bespoke and timber frame UK manufacturers making a considerable investment in updating their manufacturing methods to be able to produce incredibly high energy-efficient homes using the SIPS construction methods.

SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems), have been integrated and successfully used in UK construction for more than 10 years in both commercial and domestic applications.

This is the same technology that the USA have been widely using for over 50 years and is something that offers very diverse design options that could help save you a lot of money when compared to a foreign imported SIPS Home. (Try a comparison price for yourself and see what you find).

imagine ALL the style that you love (plus everything your Local Planning Departments love too).

You can even build a traditional UK style 4 bedroom detached home this way! 

UK manufacturers have invested heavily in developing the facility, machinery, materials, infrastructure and people to deliver this modern high specification method of construction to self build customers throughout the UK.

There Are Big Savings To Be Made With UK SIPS Homes



Given the choice when it comes to self-building your dream home most of us would choose:-

1. A complete turn-key service.

2. A modern style contemporary open plan home (or more traditional UK style homes if you wish) constructed using SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel Systems)

It is not difficult to find prices of £300,000 to £ 450,000 or more on the internet for a European SIPS Panel Home so it may be a real bonus to you to find a comparable product right here in the UK and save money along the way too.

(Especially when the rest of Europe pay far less per square metre than the UK for the same houses! [Rip off Britain again folks])

All The Style But Without The Imported Price Tag Or Worry About What If Something Goes Wrong …

You will find a lot comments in the self-build forums online that once again the UK seem to be paying over the odds for the same style of homes being sold to other countries in the European union at far less cost per square metre than the equivalent in the UK.

The fluctuating Euro exchange rate can have a dramatic effect on the house price as a small change in the wrong direction could end up costing you £1,000’s and £1,000’s of pounds you hadn’t budgeted for.

So it makes sense to look at home-grown alternatives and see how they compare.

SIPS Panel Homes built-in the UK have all the style you would expect from the houses you have probably researched online but without the worry of additional or unknown costs.

As more of our UK Building Regulations change the less choice you have in finding a European home that will pass our new and constantly changing regulations.

So when it comes it comes to SIPS Panel Homes it would appear home-grown UK SIPS homes could prove to be much better value  than some European import alternatives.

Introducing The Kingspan TEK Building System

Kingspan TEK Building System

● Can achieve whole wall and roof U–values of 0.20 W/m2.K or better
● Can achieve air leakage levels as good as approximately 1 m3 /hour /m2 at 50 Pa
● Recognised by major building warranty providers such as Building Life Plans and NHBC
● BBA and NSAI Agrément certified
● Insulation core manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ODP and low GWP
● Constructions available that correspond to BRE Global Green Guide generic elements which achieve a Summary Rating of A+
● Quick and safe to build
● Can provide up to 10% additional floor space
● Can create warm homes with very low fuel bills
● Internal works can start earlier
● Minimal on–site waste

*All the above statistics are from the Kingspan TEK Building System Literature, they operate through 

As with any building project you will want to invest in the highest quality building system possible and we have found this particular system to be very cost-effective when built as a water tight shell leaving you to project manage the internal part of the build.

The result for you is a substantial cost saving when compared to most other types of self-building (the shell build scheme is much more along the lines in terms of cost as a log home kit for example.)

A Recent Commercial Building Using The Kingspan TEK Building System

telford visitor centre

As with most modern commercial developments around the UK there has been widespread use of the SIPS Construction methods commercially such as the new Telford Visitor Centre at the Southwater Development at Telford Town Centre in Shropshire.

The versatility of the SIPS Contruction methods and the Kingspan TEK Building System allows for all sizes of projects to be considered not just large commercial projects or large housing developments.

It can be used just as easily on an extension, an annexe or a self-build home project of any size.

The only types of construction it is not recommended for is cellars and basements or in high humidity environments.

Water Tight In Usually Less Than A Week Or Two

"KU190 Floor Plan"


SIPS are designed quick construction and with our UK weather being so unpredictable this can save a lot of time, heartache and waiting around when compared to a traditional brick-built construction.

The company we have partnered with for all our SIPS construction projects offer customers a comprehensive design, engineering and manufacturing services from their 63,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Having seen both Finnish and Swedish manufacturing plants in recent years, the new UK manufacturing processes are just as impressive plus they understand the UK consumer and their particular likes and style features.

You will have peace of mind that if something needs attending to after delivering and erecting the shell scheme you have someone right here in the UK to talk things through with.

It’s A Win / Win For the UK Self-Builders

If you have a self-build project in mind and you are getting dizzy looking at floor plans, home designs and different construction methods this is by far the simplest and most straight forward route to self-building in the UK we have found.

We will also be launching a new co-project management scheme in 2015 for annexes and self-build home projects that will not only save you money but it will give you the chance to leverage our expertise (and buying power as a company) by co-project managing your build after the water tight shell part of the build.

To your self-building success!

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