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Planning Permission For Log Cabins Reveals How To Avoid A Horror Story

How To Avoid A Planning Permission Horror Story

"calculating your self-build project""scandinavian log cabins"It was brought to my attention recently that a very well known national food chain is currently“selling” a 50 square metre cabin with 5 rooms  WITHOUT hilighting to their customers that they will require planning permission and building regulations in the description.

I know of at least four people who have had to subsequently REMOVE such buildings as planning permission was never sought and they have just thrown £10,000 + down the drain.

The rule is if you are going to do something, do it right and ALWAYS check with your Local Planning Department first.

It is a common misconception that Log Cabins do not require planning permission and in fact most Log Cabins with any kind of veranda almost ALWAYS DO.

Planning Permission depends upon meeting certain criteria which I have outlined below.

1. The Log Cabin must be more than 2 metres from the boundary.
2. It must not exceed 4 metres in height for a dual pitched roof (Apex Style Roof), 3 metres in height for a single pitched roof (Lean-To Style Roof).
3. Any Veranda over 3 square metres requires planning permission
4. Any decked area over 300mm off the ground level requires planning permission.
5. A Log Cabin (Summerhouse) must not take up over 50% of your garden.
6. No kitchen can be fitted as this then becomes a dwelling and all dwellings require planning permission.
7. If the building is closer than 2 metres from the boundary then the Cabin must not exceed 2.5 metres in height.
8. Any building over 30 square metres and is used for accommodation (for example sleeping) must comply to Building Regulations. Single skin (non insulated) will not comply.
9. If you live in a Conservation Area or an area of outstanding natural beauty such as the Norfolk Broads or a National Park will require planning permission.
10. If you own a Listed Building you will require planning permission to erect any building in the grounds.
11. The Log Cabin must be for the sole use of house occupants.

Planning Permission is a very important and lawful part of constructing any kind of home extension or building in your garden or if it to be attached to your house. Becoming well informed about the way in which to approach planning permission can be extremely valuable when you speak to experts in their field.

If you are looking to use Log Cabins commercially in any way there will also be Planning Permission issues and Building Regulations to comply with. Log Cabins as homes are growing in popularity and there is already evidence of Log Cabin Chalet style villages becoming permitted development in certain areas of the UK.

The best advice before ordering your Log Cabin straight off the internet is to check with your Local Planning Department first.

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Pete Cossie, Managing Director, Contemporary Log Living Ltd

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