The Gorgeous Self-Build Home Everybody Loves 

If You Are Looking To Self-Build Your Home In The UK In The Next Few Years We Can Help You Turn Your Cant's Into Cans And Your Dreams Into Plans

Case Study: Six Bedroom UK SIPS Panel Home In Shropshire

We were invited to build a custom self-build home in Shropshire in 2015 and it fast became one of the most popular (and spectacular) builds ever as it unfolded step-by-step on our popular Facebook page.

For many years the number one option for self-building a SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) Home in the UK was to import your home from countries such as Germany, Sweden or Finland and quite frankly pay way over the odds for the same technology that is available right here in the UK.

UK manufacturers have made the investment to update their manufacturing methods to be able to produce incredibly high energy-efficient homes using the same SIPS construction methods as our European neighbours.

SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems), have been integrated and successfully used in UK construction for more than 10 years in both commercial and domestic applications.

This is also the same technology that the USA have been widely using for over 50 years and is something that offers very diverse design options that could help save you a lot of money when compared to a foreign imported SIPS Home. (Try a comparison price for yourself and see what you find).

imagine ALL the style that you love (plus everything your Local Planning Departments love too).

You can even build a traditional UK style 4 bedroom detached home this way, and it's exactly the way we built this superb 6 bedroom / 6 bathroom home in the heart of Shropshire that boasts an incredible U--value and an air test of 2.4

The Paperwork And Planning Permission For This Build Took Almost 10x Longer Than The Build Itself Which Was Just 15 Weeks From Start To Finish

With the plans drawn up and the Local Planning Authority involved our customer had to compromise all the way through on the design, the outside cladding and the whole look of the building to suit the guidelines of the Local Planning Authority.

A log home was dismissed by the Local Planning Authority for being "too American" (even though it would have come from Finland 😉 but we achieved an incredibly similar look with UK SIPS Panels (for speed of build, quality and energy efficiency) and British cedar cladding.

Today's Construction Method's Are Only As Good As The Tradesmen  You Select To Do The Job. As A Time-Served Carpenter And Joiner Myself I Know Exactly What To Look For When It Comes To Self-Building Your Dream Home

We fell in love with the possibility of self-building in the UK back in 2011 when we were involved with a Swedish Log Home company who exhibited a show house at the Ideal Home Show in 2011. We were featured on Amanda Lamb's My Flat Pack Home TV Show when that very same home was sold and moved to Cornwall, where it is today.

Around the same time Kevin Mc Cloud of Grand Designs fame was spear heading the self-build campaign for UK consumers to take up the mantle to self-build like all of our European neighbours and other countries around the world (USA, Canada, Australia etc) have been doing for decades.

"self build homes"

Unfortunately land availability and mortgages to self-build were a bit too slow to be effective.

Then as the demand for homes in the UK hit a new all time high the Government and commercial builders stepped in to "assist" with the problem.

With land to build on being demanded of Local Planning Authorities and the "help to buy" Government scheme underway more new homes are being built than ever before.

The only problem is that due to all the factors involved and the commercially driven investors market there are still generations of young people unable to afford to buy their own home.

Some Estate Agents would say people buying new homes today are being forced into instant negative equity buying homes that are over priced with no real prospect of reselling at a price higher than they paid.

What we believe in, is finding solutions to problems.

If you are a first time buyer's Mum or Dad and you are looking for a way to assist them (and an investment for yourself at the same time look no further than our range of garden annexes)

If you are looking for a large project (like the one on this page, then we can help you)

This project came in under a budget of £450,000 

So as you can see with the right team, and the right company anything is possible.

The Easiest Way To Turn Your Cant's Into Cans And Your Dreams Into Plans

  • Search The Internet For Floor Plan Ideas You Love And Tweak Those To Suit
  • Don't Waste Time And Money Dreaming Up Floor Plans That Look Good To You But Aren't Structurally Sound
  • Don't Spend All Your Money On Architect's Drawings That Won't Get Past Your Local Planning Authority It's The Other Way Round
  • Don't Get Hung Up On All The Self-Build Options, Gadgets And Internal Specification. Get The Building And Floor Plan Right First
  • Invest Your Money Into A Building That Will Become An Asset To You In The Future. Start With A Budget Of At Least £250,000-£400,000 To Build With
  • Consult With People Who Have Actual Self-Building Experience In The UK
  • To Control Your Costs Don't Think The Bigger The Price Tag The Better The Home
  • Be Prepared To Compromise And Work With Your LPA Without Planning Your Dreams Can't Begin To Become A Reality

When you are ready to take the next step, either send us your plans via email and we'll take a look at them or book a Free On Site Consultation and we'll advise you on the best way to go about your self-build project.