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Self Building Homes is fairly low key in the UK compared to pretty much the rest of the developed world actually here’s the low down on how little choice we get compared to other countries :-

"self build homes"

At first glance you may wonder why that is exactly?

For decades the vast majority of the British way of life revolved around home ownership, and the only options in the UK seem to be to RENT or BUY.

We have been basically brought up to the idea that we should all live in brick built houses on ever increasingly large housing developments, in ever increasingly smaller homes and find it ever more increasingly difficult to actually make any money from the houses we buy when the time comes to sell up and move up the housing ladder.

When Did Your Mum And Dad Last Say To You “Go Out And Buy A Nice Plot Of Land To Build Your Own House On”

Chances are NEVER so why is it that in 2012 things are beginning to change?

As you can see from the graph above, the UK only build 10-15% of our homes in the self build way, in most other developed countries it is 50 percent or more.

It is no coincidence that the countries that have more self build development also have better developed planning regimes that recognise the benefits of energy efficient, high quality innovative self build homes and here’s the shocker .. they actually ASSIST people to realise their projects.

So Why Not You? Last Year Significant First Steps Were Taken By The Government To Review The Local Planning Authorities To Give Self Builders The Same Assistance As A Commercial Developer

In Ireland self build housing has always been popular and in Northern Ireland. Self build has been promoted via planning policy, regulation has been given a light touch and redundant buildings can easily be converted for re-use as self build.

In Scotland there is a culture of self build with local policy supporting small scale rural community development.

In Germany there is a strong culture of self build for both construction of single family homes and groups of self build schemes. Mortgages are readily available for both purchase and construction of the property. Plots for self builders are readily available via commercial builders.

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FAQ’s … About Self Building In The UK And Why We  Are Leading The Way In The Self-Build Revolution

Question: Do I Need A Plot of Land To Build On?

"uk self build houses"Answer: Yes. The idea of self build is to “miss out the middle man” aka the commercial builders and collect all the component parts yourself, land, planning permission, house kit / design, mains services or alternatives, interior finishes and then literally either build it your self (the choice of less than 10% of all people who self build) or use a recommended installer or builder to build it for you.

You may already have land large enough to build a second home on, (Planning Permission applies) or you may be able to put a mobile home in your garden on on your land, the possibilities are endless and usually unique to each proposal.

Question: Do I Need Planning Permission And Will I Get It?

Answer: Yes if it a dwelling of any kind, you will need planning permission. There are some exceptions within the agricultural route ( Read the book Field to Farm by Dave Acreman for details.) In general Planning Permissions at this "cil self build tax"current time requires you to follow these guidelines.

There are NO GUARANTEES with obtaining planning permission but you are much more likely to succeed when you use “the professionals” rather than just try it for yourself. You are never going to find out unless you start the process and it will cost you a whole lot more if you do not follow the rules and you end up having to take the entire building down and start again.

As we have said, there are new guidelines being introduced currently to assist with self build applications at Local Planning Authority level that are there to encourage and help you.

Question : How Do I Know The Quality Of The Product Is What You Say?

Answer : All timber used in the construction of our Log Home Kits is considered to be the strongest in the world, grown inside the arctic circle. Grown in 100% sustainable forests for generations the Scandinavians have been building Log Homes for decades.

Question: How long will a log home last?

"finnish log homes"

Answer: Maintenance is necessary for the upkeep of everything from bikes, cars and gardens to houses.  If treated regularly (approximately every 5 years) it will last for many generations and will probably out last the standard poorly built brick boxes that you now see being built.

Any concerns you may have about fire hazards? We did too, however when we asked about the UK fire regulations and the European fire regulations we were shocked to find out that the European standards are twice as high as ours! In fact a lot of the European standards are higher than ours, Building Regulations for example.

High quality slow grown timber from the Arctic circle is nothing like the timber you find in your local Builders Merchants or your local DIY store, it has been used successfully for decades around the world and the UK is catching on fast.

Question : Are your log homes energy efficient?

"log burning stove"Answer : Extremely. We use the newest technology available to make sure these homes withstand the coldest Scandinavian winters so they will easily withstand our climate.

Self build Log Homes offer you the chance to install everything you need for a healthier style of living and a beautiful ambient temperature with no radiators if you wish. Underfloor heating, solar power and heat pumps all help keep your home amazing warm in the winter and with a ventilation system built in you will also find your home is cooler in the summer too. (For more details about these options read our blog post by clicking here.)

Question: Are they more expensive than brick built houses?

Answer : It really depends on the quality of the brick built house. Generally they are about 20% cheaper but they are a lot quicker to build and with less tradesmen. It’s a win/win really because you will spend lots less on you heating costs. If solar "cost of self build home"power were added then even better.

The way in which we buy houses in the UK in general is that we buy them as an appreciating asset. We expect to buy a house and see it’s value go up. However the housing market is currently stagnant and in some areas prices are falling so it makes sense to consider investing in a self build project that will assure you of instant equity once your project has been completed.

It really is the hidden jewel in the crown of investing in the most valuable real estate of tomorrow available today

Question : Do you oversee the build if we just buy the kit? And Can you offer a full turn key product?

Answer: Yes we can project manage the build for you, our rates are extremely competitive. We are used to handling bespoke contracts, liaising with the necessary tradesmen and authorities and keeping you informed every step of the way. We know how busy people are just living their everyday lives today so it is a service we can offer.

And yes, we have a selective group of tradesmen all over the country to help in the build process. We can offer assistance in looking for land, Architects, Solicitors and you can even have your own designated Contemporary Log Living project manager. We are probably the only Log home company to offer all these under one roof.

Question : How long have you been in the Building Industry?

Answer: I am a time served Carpenter & Joiner with over 37 years in the Building Industry. You name it I have probably "grand designs excel london"built it. We are not a company that have suddenly become experts overnight and jumped on the self-build “band wagon”.

Some key points to watch out for if you do not want to be disappointed when purchasing a self build log home kit include:-

1. Avoid or take care when dealing with Companies that are “log cabin” companies claiming to be experts in the log home industry, that is rarely the case.

2. Avoid or take care when dealing with Companies that do not regularly appear at Exhibitions throughout the UK, to stay on trend with the public you need to invest in demonstrating the products first hand and listening to their feedback.

3. Avoid or take care when dealing with Companies that appear to use multiple websites to sell their products under variations of the same name.

An interesting statistic revealed in the last 12 months showed that people today were more likely to buy from companies that actively use Social Media than those that do not because they found them to be more trustworthy. You can FIND US ON FACEBOOK at