Introducing The CLL Granny Annexe Services

Affordable. Stylish "Little Homes" For Happy Ever After Living

We Will Build You A Real "Little Home" Complete With Kitchen, En-suite & Bathroom, Utility Room and More (Depending on the size and specification you choose) At The Bottom Of The Garden

Contemporary or Traditional, Large or Small, Bespoke Or Standard Designs To Choose From ....

Contemporary Log Living specialise in all aspects of self-building in the UK. One of the most popular services we offer are the custom built Granny Annexes or "Little Homes" as people like to call them in the back garden!

Mobile Homes and SIPS Panel homes are an  increasingly popular way in which to downsize without compromise as more and more people look for ways to avoid the UK property ladder problems and put Mum and Dad at the bottom of the garden.

With almost double the amount of people looking to downsize than there are people able to move up the property ladder, moving to a custom built annexe in the bottom of the garden allows for a family member to move into the main house while Mum and Dad    relocate themselves to an energy efficient, stylish “Little Home” of their own.

Or some Mums and Dads decide to relocate to a  family member’s back garden instead, either way it is usually a win / win for all concerned.

Independent but close enough to enjoy all the hustle and bustle of family life which usually involves seeing more of the grandchildren too.

  • So what’s involved?
  • What will your “Little Home” look like?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long do they take?
  • What’s included in the price?

 Planning Permission Is Usually Required For All New Dwellings Regardless Of Whether They Are A Mobile Home Or Not. If You Intend To Live In It … It’s A Dwelling

Planning Permission is usually required for any new dwelling that someone is intending to live in. Local Planning Authorities vary from council to council as to what procedures, fees and applications are required but in general most are sympathetic to the use of Granny Annexes for dependent relatives to live in.

You will of course not be able to sell the annexe independently of the main house but the value you will be adding to the property by adding an annexe should be considerable making it even more desirable should you wish to sell it in the future.

Most of our customers use equity from their existing homes in some way, either by       re-mortgaging the main home or selling their property to finance their Granny Annexe.

Contemporary Log Living offer a complimentary Planning service for a small fee as part of our Granny Annexe service.

We will also deal directly with your Local Planning Authority and act on your behalf. This is usually more successful than dealing with the LPA yourself.

The Style, Lay-out And Floorplan Of Your New “Little Home” Will Be Determined By Your Plot Size, Budget, Specification And Overall Size & Style

 Typically A Budget Of £75,000 - £145,000 Will Be Required To Build Your Annexe Depending on the size, style and specification

Contemporary ... modern clean lines, lots of floor to ceiling windows & sliding or bi-fold doors, cedar cladding to exterior left natural or UV coated and protected, kitchen and bathrooms in contemporary styles, laminate flooring and more.

See A CLL Contemporary Annexe Being Built

Sometimes we feel like the luckiest people in the world because we get to meet great people, with great stories to share about WHY building an annexe is going to make ALL the difference to them.

Annexes are the perfect solution for affordable residential style accommodation for elderly parents, young independents, first time buyers or students who have very smart parents that worked out the cost of university was about the same price as an annexe but without all the debt. (The video on the right was kindly supplied by our customers who did exactly that for their daughter) 

Annexes, although built as a mobile home are nothing like Park Homes or those awful cold caravan park style mobile homes that are not suitable for year round living.

They are extremely well insulated and have the feel of a modern apartment inside, plus you have FULL creative licence when it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom!

Traditional .... pitch roof bungalow styling, traditional windows & doors, cedar cladding to exterior left natural or UV protected, kitchen and bathrooms in classic styles, laminate flooring & more.

Or Bespoke ... L-shaped or a mix of contemporary and traditional it's up to you, lots of floor to ceiling windows & sliding doors, french doors or bi-fold doors, cedar cladding to exterior left natural or UV protected, kitchen and bathrooms in contemporary or traditional styles, laminate floor and more.

 For More Ideas, Floor Plans, Guide Prices And What's Included In Your "Little Home" At The Bottom Of The Garden Click The Image Below To Download A Copy Of Your Granny Annexe Brochure

To your self-building success!

Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living