5 Before And After Makeovers For Renovating On a Budget Like A Pro

"before and after garden room 2"

With the current trend (being assisted by the help to buy schemes) of buying a new home far out-stripping the demand of buying an older home and renovating it we decided to make this week’s feature article all about clever makeovers that for the most part are fairly low-budget and would suit most homes, old or new.…

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Reinventing The Humble Utility Room

"utility room ideas"

We frequently search the internet for ideas and inspiration for the home and garden for our Facebook page and our weekly Newsletter and for quite some time we have been amazed at how the humble utility room has been reinvented into a beautifully styled and highly functional laundry room. The USA inspired laundry rooms leave our…

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Creating Stylish And Well Organised Home Office Ideas

According to recent statistics, the fastest growing segment of people starting companies is those aged between 45 and 54 .. good on them! There are a lot of women especially out there looking to start their own business and there are all sorts of cottage industries starting up around the booming organic food industry. So…

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Making Furniture And Furnishings The Focal Point In A Room

"Key furniture pieces"

When it comes to creating a warm, welcoming and modern home, the importance of adding key pieces of furniture is often overlooked. It is something that interior designers understand and of course it all depends on the budget you have available as to whether you invest in high quality key pieces of furniture or whether…

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5 Clever Storage Ideas For Top To Bottom Organisation

"Boys playroom storage ideas"

Self-building is the only way that YOU get ALL the input into the design and floor plan of your home, it is totally unique and yet we spend millions of pounds every year trying to make our existing homes better with DIY projects, extensions and at the moment kitchens are enjoying a mini-boom on the back…

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5 Trending Contemporary Style Kitchen Ideas

"Contemporary Style Kitchen"

Every now and again in home and interior design there are certain trends that suddenly emerge as hot favourites and in particular in the last six months we have seen these trending contemporary style kitchen ideas being incorporated more and more into new homes and home extensions. The long breakfast bar island is now a…

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