5 Inspiring New Home Kitchen Ideas UK

"New Home Kitchen Ideas"

With 270,000 new homes built this year in the UK in 2017 and a target of 300,000 more set for 2018 it’s safe to say that the Government drive to build new homes is certainly working! And that means design inspiration is everywhere you look right now as UK house builders compete to come up…

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Doing Black And White The Right Way

"Doing Black And White The Right Way

Black and white never seem to go out of fashion but to avoid something that looks too retro or too stark today’s clever accessories make for a stunning modern combination making doing black and white the right way even easier. The secret is to combine the modern shelf look for your pictures and accessorise using…

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The Best Ways To Utilise Armchair Corners

Armchair corners are being given an ultra modern in living room decor right now as the trend moves away from sleek and minimal to modern mixed with traditional which let’s face it is a lot more practical and easier to integrate into family life. Having often been quite nervous of using any open shelving (because of…

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Trending Right Now – Blush Gold And Charcoal Greys

Interior design is like the fashion world (although very few of us change our décor with the seasons as much as we do our clothes) but there are definite TRENDS in interiors too. Trending right now are the colours BLUSH, GOLD and CHARCOAL GREYS. We’ve always known women tend to be the home makers and…

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5 Ways To Add Designer Touches To Your Home

In the last few years the humble TV has had epic competition from the internet and social media when it comes to contending for our attention. More and more of us record any TV shows we might want to watch, add them to our planners and play them back when it is convenient for us. With Amazon…

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5 Fresh Ideas For The Home And Garden This Spring

For most of us (who spend several months almost hibernating during the winter months) that first mowing of the lawn heralds the start of Spring. With daffodils a plenty and the sun beginning to shine Spring 2016 is getting under way and our thoughts immediately turn to planning our next holiday and what projects we…

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