7 Ways To Add A Little More Sparkle To Your Home

With the darker evenings and shorter days heading our way for the next few months you see begin to realise that your home lighting needs either less light to look and feel more cosy or more light to make it look a little more magical. With LED lights available so easily today we have a…

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10 Drawers You’ll Wish You Had

It’s easy to get carried away with the outward look and design of everything in your home, from kitchens through to every other room in the house where we tend to have and use “a lot of stuff.” If you are a keen cook you’ll probably love the idea of a drawer for your herbs…

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Granny Annexe In Your Garden

"granny annexe company UK"

If you are thinking about building a Granny Annexe in your garden, this ultimate guide will help you get things right, and give you some of the best tips and ideas based on our extensive experience in the field over the last few years. We have successfully built Granny Annexes (not all for Grannies) & self-build…

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Contemporary Style Garden Ideas

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

Contemporary style isn’t just making an appearance on the inside of our UK homes, it is proving to be just as popular outside too. While England will be forever green and there is nothing more beautiful than an English country garden, as plot sizes have become smaller and our lives seem to have got busier,…

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Colour Accents Look Great Outdoors Too

Do you have a favourite spot in the garden? Perhaps you have a favourite chair, recliner or rocking chair that everyone else just knows is yours? There are very few simple pleasures in life that are better than finding a spot in the garden at the end of the day where you can sit down with a…

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Decking Adds The Perfect Finishing Touch

"Contemporary Log Living Shropshire"

Working with wood a lot of the time calls for people with carpentry and joinery experience and one of the best aspects of building annexes and homes with wooden cladding is that a decked area finishes the whole building off to perfection. When we are building annexes we are often working with sloping ground on…

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