5 Inspiring New Home Kitchen Ideas UK

"New Home Kitchen Ideas"

With 270,000 new homes built this year in the UK in 2017 and a target of 300,000 more set for 2018 it’s safe to say that the Government drive to build new homes is certainly working!

And that means design inspiration is everywhere you look right now as UK house builders compete to come up with the best new home floor plans and layouts; one trend that is emerging as an essential is the open plan kitchen / dining / family room that is clearly helping the new homes sell.

I’ve been doing some research locally, and the feedback I got from some of the sales offices in my area were saying that more and more people are looking for a new home as a lifestyle choice.

It would appear that most of us are leading busier lives than ever before, and according to the new homes sales people we don’t have time to tend to a large garden anymore. More of us are looking at low maintenance outdoor living spaces instead of mowing the lawn and tending to the borders.

And the most loved feature of new homes?

Is the modern open plan kitchen room.

It would appear that the days of a separate kitchen are gone for good.

Here are 5 inspiring new home kitchen ideas that we love!

5 Inspiring New Home Kitchen Ideas UK

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This lovely two tone modern kitchen design with the central large range style hob is the perfect way to start any day. With white wall cabinets and dark grey base cabinets and oven and appliance housing, the overall look is light, spacious and modern.

The accent colour of fushcia pink lifts the whole colour scheme and keeps it from looking too drab or too clinical.

The light coloured large floor tile was something that featured in quite a lot of new show homes in my particular area.

Stunning Family Room Design

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There are so many stunning ideas in this lovely family room, it’s hard to know where to begin, it’s also hard to believe that this is a UK home because it is so far removed from the way our homes have been built over the last few decades and features everything we love about American or Australian open plan homes.

With the open plan kitchen area, pendant lights over the work top area, the dining area and family sofa you have every component on most people’s wish list right there!

Once again the highly polished light coloured tiled floor features in the kitchen area with a wood floor in the rest of the room.

Adding wood always adds warmth and the cosy feel to the whole room is created by adding it to one of the largest areas, the floor.

Shaker Style With A Country Home Feel

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Creating your perfect kitchen is all about individual style and in this lovely example we have a updated take on the country home look that has been created using shaker style kitchen cabinets and soft classic colours. The window blinds and accent chair fabric are the same which helps pull the whole look together.

By using neutral tiles on the floor in the same colour pallete as the kitchen cabinets you create the illusion of more space to allow for the island to be the central to the design.

Adding a breakfast bar area to a kitchen is another one of those most requested features in new home kitchens.

White Is Starting To Become The Most Popular Choice

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Kitchen designers will frequently tell you that ivory or cream is still the most popular kitchen choice but white is fast becoming the top choice for many when it comes to modern kitchen designs. What is so clever about the open plan kitchen design pictured above is the soft furnishing choices add such a lovely touch of glamour.

With the sweet accent chair, flowers and candle sticks the whole kitchen looks warm, pretty and welcoming.

And once again that highly polished floor tile looks amazing!

The Ever Shrinking Utility Room Allows For More Kitchen Space

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Barratts build lovely homes like this all over the UK and another feature of new home kitchen design is the ever shrinking utility room which in a lot of new home plans is becoming a small closet space rather than a “room” as such.

This new home kitchen features a soft green cabinet, tiled floor and a space for eating in the kitchen or for adding a small sofa.

The utility is off the main kitchen area and this helps create enough extra space for the most requested room in UK homes today.


  1. Most new homes are being snapped up to improve our busy lifestyles.
  2. The feature that is selling new homes in the UK today is the open plan kitchen / dining / family room we all love.
  3. You can still create a cosy look and feel in an open plan space with wood and carefully choosing soft classic colours.
  4. Add highly polished light coloured floor tiles to complete the look.

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" Inspiring New Home Kitchen Ideas"



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