Garden Studio Home Gym & Other Inspiration For Garden Studios

"Home Gym Garden Studios And Other Great Garden Studio Ideas"

If your New Year’s resolution next year is going be “to get fitter & healthier” then your perfect Christmas present could be a garden studio home gym.

As more and more of us are constantly battling the busy work / life balance seemingly working longer and longer hours trying to keep pace with the rising costs of living which in real terms never seem to match the Government’s key inflation rate (currently at 3% according to this recent BBC News article); how we use our leisure time is precious to us all.

One of the great innovations of the last few years has been the popularity of outdoor living spaces and garden studios for a variety of popular uses.

If your New Year’s Resolution or goal for 2018 involves anything to do with more time to get healthier, more time to get that part-time business off the ground or simply more relaxation time to enjoy some down time or hobby time, then our new range of personal garden studios should be right up your street.

With leisure buildings like this planning permission isn’t usually required as it is considered a temporary structure that is not intended to live in so you can simply decide what you want to add to your garden next year today and typically have it built within just a few weeks, including lighting, power points and decorating.

Garden Studio Home Gym & Other Inspiration For Garden Studios

"Garden Studio Home Gym"

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Hitting the gym 3-4 times per week is on most people’s wish list when they want to get fitter and healthier but as the Autumn turns to Winter and the dark nights close in faster the lure of winter warming meals, Christmas parties and staying warm and cosy by the fire can break even the most determined of us.

So what could be easier than your own home gym with a journey time of less one minute to your brand new personal garden studio in the garden?

With a fully insulated Contemporary style Garden Studio designed for you, that personal home gym can quickly turn from a dream to a plan with our help.

Built in exactly the same way as our annexes, these versatile garden studios are perfect for a whole host of modern day work and leisure solutions.

Perfect for home offices / working from home

Low maintenance (fireproof) cladding in a choice of colours

Or Western Red Cedar Cladding 

Long floor to ceiling style windows

Lots of glass for maximum light

Modern contemporary designs, tailor-made to fit your garden

Choice of high quality laminate flooring

Interior LED down lights plus additional external down lights for that added night time glamour and style

Your decor and style is up to you but the image above certainly sets high standards when it comes to a modern contemporary garden studio home gym.

The Ultimate Must-Have Accessory : The Man Cave

"MAN CAVE Garden Studio Home Gym"

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All our personal garden studios have the luxury of being custom built so whatever you have in mind (if it isn’t a garden studio home gym) we can accommodate depending on the size and budget you have in mind.

So if the one thing you’d love for yourself or your partner is the luxury of a man cave then with some clever interior design tweaks (such as decor wallpaper that looks like rustic wood) and some heavy duty carpet and you can soon piece together your own man cave to enjoy for many years to come.

With new homes being built smaller than ever before it makes sense to make sure your outdoor living space becomes an extension of your home even if it is in a self-contained  personal garden studio in the garden.

Garden Studios Make The Prettiest Home Offices

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Hot on the heels of a man cave in popularity is the pretty home office space for part-time or full time working from home.

With business rates and rent on an office space on the high street or your local industrial estate or even the cost of a hot desk to factor in setting up that part-time business is made a whole lot easier if you have a designated office space to work from at home whenever you need to.

With high quality low cost office furniture from IKEA making storage and desk space so simple, all you have to do (if you are a “ladypreneur”) is to make it look as pretty as possible.

For incredibly addictive inspiration to making your work place beautiful & organised look no further than the At Work With Nikki YouTube Channel. (prepare to be addicted!)

After The Man Cave Came The “She Den”

"SHe Den Garden Studio Home Gym"

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"Craft Room Hobby RoomSHe Den Garden Studio Home Gym"

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Yep, you heard that right, the alternative to the Man Cave seems to be the She Den.

Whether it is work, crafting, a hobby that turned into a part-time job, an Ebay shop or Etsy empire the She Den  personal garden studio in the garden is the ideal solution to both peace and quiet for you to work in and less clutter in your main home.

(Having done both myself, I can vote for the She Den option every time to get more done).

All our personal garden studios come fitted with electric down lights and internal sockets so you can literally start working from home the moment the building is completed.

They are well insulated so you will only need a standard electric panel heater (add a timer option to maximise heating up the office when you need it on a chilly Winter morning) and with a wide choice of low maintenance cladding options for the exterior that white She Den can be yours!


  1. For an instant home gym for the New Year what could be easier than a journey time of less one minute to your brand new personal garden studio in the garden
  2. With man caves becoming increasingly popular a garden studio offers the perfect space for leisure time at the end of the day.
  3. Work from home has never been easier or prettier with our insulated personal garden studios in a variety of low maintenance fire-proof cladding colours.
  4. Fast on the heels of the man cave is the She Den, all you need to do is add your imagination and we’ll do the rest. 

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"Home Gym Garden Studios And Other Great Garden Studio Ideas"

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