Modern Hallway Images To Inspire Your Next Home Project, Renovation Or Update

"modern hallway images"

Modern hallways are heavy traffic areas but as you can see from these amazing modern hallway images the humble hallway has found it’s way into one of the most stunning areas of our homes.It’s the first place we welcome guests, friends and family and it really sets the mood for your entire home.

If you want it to play that all important dual role of having extra storage space and extra functionality then these modern hallway images will certainly inspire you to get creative when it comes to making your entrance hall as cosy, inviting and homely as possible.

Whether your preference is natural woods, white painted wood or glass and plenty of storage, these ideas will help you decide on the look and functionality your home needs when it comes to your next home project, renovation or upgrade when it comes to your entrance hallway and stairs.

Modern Hallway Images To Inspire Your Next Home Project, Renovation Or Update

"modern hallway images"

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If you want to add a modern look to your entrance hallway then choosing to replace the internal doors and staircase are an excellent way to add instant impact, especially if you choose to update them using natural wood in a light oak colour as in the modern hallway image above.

With added pull out shelving storage under the staircase and glass balustrades up the side of the stairs, the whole space s warm and inviting.

Upgraded lighting and a modern hard-wearing floor finish means that this stunning new hallway will look for years to come.

Modern Hallway Idea For A Downstairs Cloakroom Under The Stairs

"modern hallway images"

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With a lot of careful measuring and design this space under the stairs has been transformed into a downstairs cloakroom. (I’m sure you are going to need to watch your head when you stand up but it just goes to show that a little imagination goes a long way.)

A lot of our traditional older houses in the UK simply do not have a downstairs cloakroom like most new homes do today so a home project like this one can make family life a whole lot easier than everyone having to share the upstairs bathroom.

If you don’t need a full cloakroom like this you might prefer a coats and boots cupboard or a utility cupboard.

Modern hallways need to work harder in modern homes and usually have the most unused space that can be put to better use.

Modern Hallway Ideas For More Storage

"modern hallway images"

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When we put this idea out on our Facebook page recently we received a lots of likes and shares because it seems to make the most sense of wasted space under the stairs. Some simple IKEA hacks will recreate this look for very little expense and your hallway will double up as extra storage space for your living room or home office.

Adding a traingular shaped mirror into the alcove space will reflect light and add a new dimension to this lovely modern hallway idea.

Adding Designer Style Touches To Your Modern Hallway

"modern hallway images"

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Some people have a wonderful eye for interior design and this modern hallway image demonstrates that keen eye to the full with the delightful black bordered carpet on the stairs picking out the frames of the artwork and the black handrail beautifully.

Keeping the colour scheme to black, white & grey completes this lovely modern hallway with added style.

A look for that interior designer in you!

A Central Oak Staircase With Glass Balustrades Becomes A Statement Of This Hallway

"modern hallway images"

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If you have the space, a central staircase always creates a statement look for any entrance hallway. For a modern update in this modern hallway image light oak has been used for the staircase and glass for the balustrades opening the eye up to the upstairs landing and creating a streamlined look.

For an added statement look, add a striking patterned wallpaper to the back wall that will also add an eye-catching backdrop to the landing area from the top of the stairs.

To reflect extra light, add a large mirror and light hard-wearing flooring.


  1. By collecting modern hallway images on a Pinterest board or a mood board you will have inspiration at your fingertips when you want to update your entrance hallway.
  2. Glass balustrades and great lighting add a modern look and feel to any entrance hallway.
  3. Use every inch of space available under the stairs for extra storage or a downstairs cloakroom.
  4. Light oak staircases with glass look modern and work well in UK homes, old or new.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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"modern hallway images"

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