Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK Style

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

Outdoor living space ideas for making the most of our unpredictable weather have surged in popularity in recent years as more and more of us “die-hard” Brits stay determined to continue the Summer more of the year whatever the weather is doing outside.

And as we adopt the American style Halloween celebration porch decorating ideas for trick or treating fun or decide this is the year to create a Christmas winter wonderland extravaganza in the back garden the outdoor living spaces of a few grey patio slabs are thankfully changing into wonderful extensions of our homes.

As we are always being asked to add decking to our annexes and studios, we decided why not offer this as an additional service to all our customers.

To kick-start our new Outdoor Living Space Service here are a few ideas to get those creative juices working.

 Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK Style

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

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Simple screening and beautiful fast growing bamboo plants (in pots to keep them under control) combine to create this lovely outdoor living space idea that helps create an area of your garden where you sit out and relax at the end of the day.

By creating privacy and using a smooth light coloured slab (like Marshall’s Saxon Textured Buff ones from Wickes) you can create the perfect canvas to dress the area as you want.

Outdoor rattan furniture is very hardy and looks stunning in your outdoor living space.

Add candles for atmosphere (or invest in Hurricane style lamps to protect against the elements).

Outdoor Bar Areas To Continue The Summer Party Mood

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

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With gin sales and exports of British gin going through the roof  and the record breaking rise of Prosecco in recent years, it’s safe to say that we Brits like a drink or two with more and more Brits making a glass or two of something an almost daily habit.

So what better way to embrace your smoothie in the morning and your glass of bubbly in the evening than with an outdoor bar.

The great thing about creating an outdoor living space is that you can tailor it to suit your needs perfectly and there is something very social about sitting at a bar with your friends and being the host or hostess behind it.

Whether it is in your favourite corner of the garden or on a patio area or balcony in the city it’s usually way more fun than the local pub.

Creating A Statement With Colour

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

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Your back garden is a place where you can create a beautiful outdoor living space that can become an oasis at the end of a busy day.

Creating something that gets you away from the TV can sometimes be the best thing in the world for boosting your energy and sparking new ideas. With many of us spending more and more time in an open plan kitchen / dining / family room at the back of the house, the outdoor living space your create should be an extension of your home.

For adding a real splash of colour more of the year round, choose bright coloured cushions and a parasol like in the example above.


Tripping The Light Fantastic

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

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We all have quite a love affair with white these days (I know I do) and this inspired outdoor living space demonstrates just what can be done (and found) when you focus on creating a white outdoor living space.

With white composite decking today and all the beautiful LED outdoor lighting available with the right porch style tiled extension area and a new deck this look could be yours!

If you have bi-fold doors to your main living area, family room or kitchen this is a unique and beautiful way to extend your home into an outdoor living space you’ll enjoy more of the year.

Pergolas Over A Patio Can Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

"Outdoor Living Space Ideas UK"

If you are anything like us, wood is your first choice for anything outside. Whether it is a wooden deck or a pergola over a patio area, nothing looks as good or as beautiful.

A simple pergola over your patio area adds a whole new dimension to this lovely outdoor living space.

It’s simple to create, won’t break the budget and can instant appeal to the eye and add value to your home.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Idea?

"outdoor living space ideas UK"

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This outdoor living space has been a favourite on our Facebook page for a long time. When we first sent it out to our lovely Facebook followers, we reached over 18,000 with it as it got shared and shared and shared.

It’s appeal is almost magical and the lighting sets a mood and atmosphere that is incredibly inviting.

Who wouldn’t want to spend some time here everyday?

A similar look can be created using timber, stone or brick walling and pillars and large rustic slabs.

To complete the look add a beautiful weather vane (which we get asked about a lot more these days for adding to our annexes too).


  1. Outdoor living space ideas are more popular in the UK than ever before and we can help you create one with our brand new Outdoor Living Space Service.
  2. Outdoor lighting is a great way to add atmosphere to your outdoor living space and a covered area (such as a tiled porch roof) will give you much more use more of the year round.
  3. It’s an eye catching addition to any home and a sought after feature for any future buyers.
  4. We have been building decking areas for years, this is a natural extension of what Contemporary Log Living can offer. 

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page !

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