Granny Annexe In Shropshire Case Study

People often ask us what the best time of year is to build a Granny Annexe in the UK? We just laugh and say “this is Britain, anything can happen!” and it frequently does. When we were exhibiting at the National Home Building Show at the NEC a couple of years ago in March it snowed heavily. It was amazing anybody turned up at the show! 

Not every Granny Annexe has the luxury of picking the right time to build, by their very nature a lot of them are for elderly relative care and are needed quickly.

The Planning Application process is not something that can be by passed and can take 10 weeks from submitting the application to gaining approval and from your free on site consultation to you making that all important decision as to whether you build a Granny Annexe or not is often a complicated one involving various members of your family.

All in all you are at least 3 months away from being ready to build so when we received a call last year about a Granny Annexe in Shropshire being refused planning permission for a lovely lady needing permanent care, we took up the challenge, investigated the reasons behind the planning permission being refused and re-submitted the application in a different way.

We succeeded in turning the decision around (to the right one) and now she is being taken care of in her new Granny Annexe.

Feature Article: Granny Annexe In Shropshire Case Study 

"Granny Annexe In Shropshire"


At 7 metres long and just over 5 metres wide this is one of the smaller size annexes that are available and are not only budget friendly but also perfect for one person living close at hand to friends and family but retaining that all important element of independence we all seek when we are in need of part-time or full time care.

Being in your own home is sometimes the very best medicine you can have.

Someone to talk to when you need them and somewhere you can escape to if required.

The size was one of the adaptations we made on the resubmitted planning application which we did free of charge such was the urgency of the situation for the customer. There was a clear need for the annexe as ancillary accommodation to the main house.

Granny Annexes Are Typically Timber Framed Buildings

People often refer fondly to Granny Annexes as “The Shed at the bottom of the garden” but the complexity of building what is basically a small bungalow at the bottom of the garden should not be considered anything other than a major construction project involving every aspect of building a house, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Granny Annexes are typically timber frame buildings (just like all new homes are) and are usually a very clean build without bricks and mortar.

This also provides a very quick build time (this Granny Annexe in Shropshire was built in just six weeks from start to finish, ready to move in).

The main difference between Granny Annexes and new homes is that Granny Annexes are usually clad externally with wood or a low maintenance cladding option like Marley Cedral Cladding that comes with a 50 year manufacturers guarantee.

If properly treated every 3-4 years wooden cladding will last perfectly well and can always be stained or painted a different colour in the future if required.

Granny Annexe Kitchens

On all custom annexes we offer a choice of kitchens which are usually either Magnet Trade kitchens (as above) or Howden’s Joinery kitchens. Not all kitchens for elderly care Granny Annexes require ovens and hobs as they tend to be more functional.

We supply & install the kitchen (which we plan with you) as part of the turn-key service and we also supply & install laminate flooring throughout.

What is not standard is the air conditioning / heating unit sited on the wall, this was a special request made by the customer.

As you can see there is a lot more space than most people realize when you are building a Granny Annexe in the back garden and they provide all sorts of solutions to many different people today.

We are seeing more and more people helping out young members of their families than ever before as they know that most new homes today are over priced and out of reach for many young people today who are renting homes because they cannot buy.

Granny Annexe Bathrooms

Granny Annexe bathrooms are usually our most requested room for adaptations. As you can see the finish is similar to what you would expect if you were moving in to a new home with everything in neutral colours ready for you to add the finishing touches.

A special adaptation we often get asked to do is to install a toilet with a lever handle not a push button as people with arthritis in their hands find it easier to use.

We also frequently get asked to install grab rails and wet rooms for safety and ease of use.

All in all we feel very proud to have provided this customer with exactly what she wanted (and needed). Situated in a countryside setting in the heart of Shropshire she can look forward to Spring and the peace and quiet of her new Granny Annexe in the back garden near her friends and family.

The cost of this build was between £55,000 and £65,000. (*the same Granny Annexe elsewhere in the country or with service connections at a longer distance etc may cost more.)


  1. Granny Annexes are a popular way to provide elderly care for a loved one. Having them close at hand but retaining their independence when you both need it is a win / win.
  2. Granny Annexes are typically timber frame buildings just like all new homes, they differ only in their exterior cladding and superior insulation.
  3. We supply & install the building, foundations, connections to services, kitchens, bathrooms, heating, lighting and decoration. We also offer a planning permission service at a very reasonable cost.
  4. We work with your Local Planning Authority closely and will always seek to strike a balance of what you want for your Granny Annexe and what your LPA will advise as the best option. 

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