5 IKEA Hacks For Adding Top Notch Style At Budget Prices

"IKEA hacks granny annexe"

A few years ago a second Swedish home featured at the Ideal Home Show that had an interior designed by IKEA and quite frankly it looked cluttered and “over organised” with boxes on shelves for everything, shelves everywhere, files, drawers, cabinets, open shelving, units for everything from the TV to a home office corner and everything in between.

Just like fashion trends come and go, so do interior design trends.

And here we are a few years later head over heels in love with everything IKEA and fast replacing our minimal and uncluttered living spaces with tons of storage, open shelving and IKEA storage ideas in every possible place.

When it comes to designing granny annexes, we always mention some of the best of the best from IKEA for adding as much storage as possible in a smaller living space.

But when it comes to IKEA hacks, well nothing comes close for being as versatile for the quality you get at the price you want to pay. So here are our top 5 most recent IKEA hacks that we’ve found that are utterly brilliant.

Feature Article: 5 IKEA Hacks For Adding Top Notch Style At Budget Prices

"IKEA HACKS Granny Annexe"

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Make a stunning library wall with a simple adaptation of IKEA billy bookshelves with added feature lighting. Simply add a larger skirting (that matches the room) and a deep cornice at the top (to hide the electrical wires) and provide a back drop for simple picture lighting and voila … you have an amazing IKEA inspired library wall.

For best effect, keep the shelving largely uncluttered and use accessories to pick out the colour accent within the room.

These look great on a polished effect laminate or real wood floor.

The IKEA Inspired TV / Living Room Unit

"IKEA Hacks granny annexe"

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One of my Polish friends thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that we put up “signs” in our homes that say “HOME” or “BATH” or “SOAP” but for some reason a large letter or “&” has taken to our hearts and takes pride of place on our open shelving display in true IKEA inspired styling.

It’s like we’ve suddenly discovered that walls have a vertical surface that can look great if we simply add shelving that goes up and around our TV providing a great focal point plus plenty of storage to keep our love of de-cluttering perfectly in proportion.

Adding glass doors to the sides allows for more storage (that isn’t on display quite so much) keeping all your favourite games and films close to hand but neatly out of sight.

How To Create A Divider That Adds Style And Storage To Any Room

"IKEA Hacks granny annexe"

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This neat idea was a hit when we shared it on social media recently and for good reason.

When you want to divide or define an area in an open plan living space (which granny annexes almost always are) then a simple KALLAX unit from IKEA is the perfect choice. Adding shelf space, storage in the wicker baskets and accessories that tie in beautifully to the colours of the room, this is a winner for under £200.

It would seem that IKEA inspired open plan shelving has multiple uses and all units are very high quality, easily put together and built to last.

Kallax Units Are Also Perfect For Bedtimes Too

"IKEA hacks granny annexe"

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Another huge favourite when shared on social media was this incredibly easy to copy (using IKEA Kallax units) bed design. With simple units either side of the bed, units at the base of the base and simple downlights over the bed you have an amazing designer style bed at a fraction of the cost.

Adaptable for any child / teenager or adult with storage and display options at every angle, this one captures exactly what can be done with IKEA hacks.

IKA MALM Drawer Units (With Added Stripe) Offer Perfect Coordinated Calm

"IKEA hacks granny annexe"

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For simple, calm sophistication you can’t beat IKEA MALM drawer units (they are so sturdy it’s quite unbelievable that they are indeed flat-pack furniture).

The beautiful framed butterfly prints in muted colours create the perfect focal point for this lovely bedroom.

TIP! Set white IKEA units against a grey or taupe wall for best effect, they look stunning!


  1. IKEA inspired designs have never been so popular. Quality storage and simple styling makes them versatile and affordable.
  2. Set white IKEA units against a darker coloured wall for best effect. (Taupe or grey work well) 
  3. Embrace open shelving and clever accessories to showcase object d’art but also retain order.
  4. Don’t stop at the living room, IKEA have some brilliant bedroom hacks too.

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