5 Small Space Living Room Ideas

"small space living room"

We often get asked “how big is a typical granny annexe” and it’s great question because in the UK we tend to gauge how big the house we live in by the number of bedrooms rather than by square metre or square foot as on the continent and in the USA (and when you are looking at granny annexes in the back garden).

What we usually say is a standard two bedroom semi-detached retirement bungalow is roughly 36 feet long and most of our most popular annexes are between 10 and 14 metres long (use this nifty converter if you get stuck).

When we use that as an example you can see relief on people’s faces and they start to image something much bigger than they first thought.

Like all new UK homes as the cost of land goes up in cost, the size of new homes being built goes down and the garden plot size gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

So it’s no surprise that small space living ideas are becoming an increasingly popular way in which to get the most impact from a smaller space.

Here are 5 of the best examples we’ve found for small space living room ideas that are perfect for granny annexes too.

Feature Article: 5 Small Space Living Room Ideas 

"Small space living room"

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Start creating your small space by clearing defining the areas within your floor plan. If you plan on creating an open plan living / dining / kitchen space each zone should have an obvious identify and colours should compliment each other throughout the scheme.

Adding natural colours and textures (like the wooden long window frames in the example above will add much needed interest and of course floor to ceiling windows will help make the room look and feel twice the size.

A small sofa and chair offer comfort and style and by paying attention to details such as those striking end tables and clear lamp bases you can add flair and style to a small living room space with ease.

Make Full Use Of Modern Storage To Create A Unique Stylish Small Living Room Space

"Small space living room"

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This very clever modern small living room space has all the storage you need and is compact but ultra modern in it’s colours and design. By using two colours in the main scheme (white & lime green) the abstract framed picture becomes a perfect focal point for the room.

By keeping all the accessories on display either glossy black or white, they help bring the whole look together and make for a very small but beautifully designed space any modern home owner will love.

How To Squeeze A Small Office Into A Small Space Living Room

"small space living room"

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Modern day living calls for making best use of the small living space you have and choosing to add a home office or media space is like adding an essential that is going to be well used and well loved by everyone.

Rather than add a dining table that is never used a small home office space can easily be squeezed into a small alcove space along one wall of the small space living room as shown above.

The secret to success here is to think upwards with your shelving and storage and keep messy files and paperwork out of sight behind storage with doors and drawers.

Get A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Available Space And Keep It Simple

"small space living room"

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This stunning open plan living space is a perfect example of how to design and create a calm and beautiful small space living room.

Although this is larger than some open plan living areas what makes it so successful are clever tips anyone can incorporate into their own designs.

By using single chairs and stools as extra seating you can really save a lot of space when compared to a sofa and by coordinating the entire room with three colours you really can create an elegant designer look.

Using dark wood for the main furniture pieces and the same neutral fabric arm chairs and dining chairs the room looks incredibly stylish.

"small space living room"

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For a successful small space living room idea that uses plenty of colour to bring it to life the picture above certainly shows how it’s done to great effect.

By using the duck egg blue on the walls and again in the soft furnishings you have a great accent colour for the room. Teamed up with the golden beige of the armchairs and you have a very stylish colour coordinated look that would look perfect in any home or annexe.

Create an illusion of space with large floor to ceiling mirrors and you will open the whole room up to be inviting, light and airy too.


  1. Choose two neutral colours and one accent colour for coordinated small space living rooms.
  2. Modern storage is perfect for keeping clutter to a minimum and also reflect light into the room.
  3. Making a space for a home office or media area is an essential part of how we live today (ditch the never used dining table and save even more space).
  4. Plan your entire space and continue the colour scheme throughout the house or annexe for a coordinated easy to live with colour scheme.
  5. Add large mirrors or full height windows for maximum light and an illusion of space.

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