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"45 square metre garden granny annex idea"

We had such amazing interest in our recent blog post about garden granny annex planning permission that we thought we’d share with you a very special offer we have on all garden granny annex orders placed by 1st January 2017.

They will qualify for a free planning application worth at least £1640.00!!(**terms and conditions apply)

That means you can literally leverage ALL our expertise in obtaining planning permission for your garden granny annex at NO cost and No risk.

It’s something we have never been able to offer before and it is only applicable to our IHUS range of garden granny annexes like the one featured below.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer your garden annex will need to be designed and your application completed before 31st December 2016. We do not anticipate being able to offer this type of promotion ever again and places will be limited.

Feature Article: Garden Granny Annex Free Planning Application (Special Limited Time Offer) 

"45 square metre garden granny annex idea"

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Our IHUS Core range of garden granny annexes are designed to please both our customers and your Local Planning Authorities. (**above is a 3D mock-up of a 45 square metre floor space for illustration purposes)

We have been working very hard with the LPA’s throughout the UK in 2016 to try and make sure that garden granny annexes comply with their guidelines when it comes to style, height, size and usage.

For most garden granny annex sites you will need to scale down those Grand Design ideas and work with the best space you are likely to get planning permission granted for.

What’s The Smallest Area You Can Live In?

Someone asked me this exact question at Grand Designs Live recently as we were in the Grand Gardens section in amongst general leisure buildings.

There are annexes designed for leisure and then there are residential annexes designed to live in. One will set you set you back £20,000 to £30,000 the other is a real little home at the bottom of the garden and is likely to start from £75,000 upwards.

In answer to that question I said,

If you LOVE the people that are going to be living in it, 40 square metres. Anything else and they are likely to go cabin crazy.”

They laughed and went on their way.

These are built with your loved ones in mind, even if it for a short period of time in the scheme of things, be kind and think of their comfort as well as your budget.

How Big Is 45 Square Metres?

The IHUS Huscore Ravenscroft garden granny annex is a typical example of what a 45 square metre floor plan looks like (and works especially well for people who require adaptable living spaces that need to accommodate wheelchair access either now or in the future,)

"The Ravenscroft Garden Granny Annex Floor Plan"

*Guide price above includes

  • Complete Turn-key Ravenscroft garden granny annex supplied and fitted as per floor plan above.
  • Fully fitted kitchen & bathroom (choice of colours available).
  • Laminate flooring (choice of colours available)
  • Non slip flooring to bathroom (choice of colours available)
  • Exterior cladding in cedar as standard.
  • Connections of all mains services within 10 metres of the annexe (extra metres charged at around £250 per linear metre)
  • All electrics, water and heating ready for you to move into.
  • Build time average 7 weeks from start to finish.

Other models available starting from £60,000. The key is to keep things as simple as possible for the best possible result within your budget, that is exactly what the Huscore range is designed to do.

As a further comparison new two bedroom bungalows today are typically around 62 square metres in total floor area, although they usually have a conservatory or added small extension at that size.

Free Planning Application Offer **(Terms And Conditions Apply)

Free On Site Consultations

Within our Free On Site Consultation service we will visit your proposed site and advise you on the best route for your particular garden granny annex.

In most cases we either choose the Householder Planning Application option or the Caravan Act and in some cases both.

The fee for preparing a Caravan Act Application and submitting it to your LPA is currently £1,640.00 including VAT (terms and conditions apply).

****For a limited time only this is FREE on all garden granny annex orders placed before 1st January 2017 ***

The process of preparing all the drawings, carrying out a site survey and gaining either planning permission of a Certificate of Lawfulness can take longer than actually manufacturing and building your granny annex.

It’s best to allow between 10 and 12 weeks for the whole process and as you may be aware Local Planning Authorities are extremely busy at the moment dealing with all the new home construction going on throughout the UK.

Our best advice is to plan ahead in good time if you are thinking about building a granny annex in your back garden as planning permission may take longer than you think to come through.


  1. Free Planning application with every IHUS garden granny annex placed before 1st January 2017
  2. The Ravenscroft is one of our most popular designs and price points.
  3. All the Huscore garden granny annexes are designed to maximise floor space and meet most planning criteria of your Local Planning Authority.   
  4. Your best chance of obtaining planning permission for a garden granny annex is with a company such as ourselves rather than trying to save money and do it yourself.
  5. A garden granny annex is an investment that typically pays for itself in the long term as you will be creating an asset to the main house and a more desirable property should you decide to sell it in the future..

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