Doing Black And White The Right Way

"Doing Black And White The Right Way

Black and white never seem to go out of fashion but to avoid something that looks too retro or too stark today’s clever accessories make for a stunning modern combination making doing black and white the right way even easier.

The secret is to combine the modern shelf look for your pictures and accessorise using textures and carefully selected accessories to provide interest at different levels. (The look is inspired by our seemingly endless passion for all things IKEA and their RIBBA shelving takes a prominent place in the designs).

If you want a fresh modern look to your living room using black and white with a totally modern twist, here are 6 of the best ways to do exactly that.

Feature Article: Doing Black And White The Right Way

"doing black and white the right way"

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A completely modern look for this apartment style living room brought to life by the carefully chosen range of accessories. With a lot of scatter cushions, a striking throw, textured rug and a black accent chair the whole scheme looks modern but comfortable and lived in.

The wooden floor creates the perfect back drop and adds a touch of much needed warmth.

When The Only Answer Is Ikea

"doing black and white the right way"

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IKEA continues to go from strength to strength with their storage units, well constructed flat-pack furniture, sofas and living room furniture like the one above.

The trend is moving away from minimal towards comfortable and interesting as more of us want something that not only allows us to show off our favourite word art accessories, but also acts a practical way to keep all our living room clutter organised, easy to clean and tidy.

Well Chosen Accessories For Adding Style

"doing black and white the right way"

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One of the big successes when using black and white is to carefully select items that when put together in the right way make a bold stylish statement.

With the internet at our finger tips today and deliveries coming faster than ever, using Google to help you find the perfect black chair or white open shelving is simple and affordable.

Spending a day whizzing around places like the Range, Dunelm, John Lewis Home, Next Home, Asda Living etc will also help you create the right mix of different heights and styles to accessorise your room.

The Ikea Inspired Shelving Revolution

"doing black and white the right way"

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One of the modern trends that has simply taken off in a big way is the collection of pictures and accessories displayed on a shelf mounted on the wall.

The brilliance of these modern shelves is that they look so sleek, can carry a reasonable amount weight safely and have no ugly shelving brackets.

Make a collection of your favourite quotes in frames from IKEA while you are there stocking up on these inexpensive but “must have items” for doing black and white right.

Have Fun With Scatter Cushions

"doing black and white the right way"

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Black and white scatter cushions are easily the most cost effective way to add all the right accessories to your black and white colour scheme. Try adding in a few geometric patterns or softer tones of black and white to add a dramatic look to your room where it’s needed.

By using black and white (with splashes of grey) you really can’t go wrong!


  1. When you are using these two classic colours the secret to success lies in making it look modern.
  2. Accessories will pull this modern look together and in this case, more is better.
  3. Check out IKEA for living room units to showcase your favourite word art and colour coordinated accessories.   
  4. Make sure you pick up on the modern shelving trend for your pictures and slimline accessories to complete your new look black and white living room.

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