The Best Ways To Utilise Armchair Corners

Armchair corners are being given an ultra modern in living room decor right now as the trend moves away from sleek and minimal to modern mixed with traditional which let’s face it is a lot more practical and easier to integrate into family life.

Having often been quite nervous of using any open shelving (because of them gathering dust) I must admit I have become a huge fan of modern armchair corners like the ones pictured below.

Whether you enjoy reading your favourite book, picking up the Sunday Newspapers or just sitting down for a well earned 10 minute cup of tea or coffee for a modern twist to your favourite armchair corner add a great chair and plenty of interest for best results.

Feature Article: The Best Ways To Utilise Armchair Corners 

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A wonderfully classic look and feel to this armchair corner with a gorgeous two-tone wide strip fabric armchair on a cane frame sitting beautifully against a backdrop of open shelving with an eclectic mix of favourite objects that looks simply elegant.

The pedestal table and a hot favourite of the moment polished lantern and you have the perfect mix of modern and traditional that is very eye-catching.

When A Traditional Chair And Collection Harbour Great Stories

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For the last few years we seem to have gone away from any kind of clutter in favour of sleek lines and everything hidden away so it’s no wonder that occasionally we buck the trend and create armchair corners that are just made for story telling like the one pictured above.

With the classic tan leather chair and tapestry footstool taking centre stage, the whole “around the world” atmosphere has been created by using dark wood trunks, cases and accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in a film set. It’s amazing to see that this armchair corner started as two classic white bookcases.

Adding A Touch Of Florida With Pink And Green

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I’m sure you’ll agree that shopping for the perfect accessory (whether it is for an outfit or for you home) is one of life’s guilty pleasures. Just that one special piece that really sets off the whole room is worth seeking out (and thank to the internet and websites like NotOnTheHighStreet the the task has been made even easier.

With the pale pink armchair taking centre stage in this modern armchair corner the addition of the stunning two-tone clock really adds the finishing touch. With Florida’s Old Key West pink and green colour influence the addition of the dark green plant makes for a relaxing, modern and informal armchair corner.

Rebecca Robeson Never Fails To Impress

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Having become quite a Rebecca Robeson fan over the last few months it is hardly surprising that her superb interior design skills shine when it comes to creating armchair corners with style and panache.

With a keen eye on quality, she mixes wonderful dark open shelving with a stunning light coloured fabric armchair and then strikes a fabulous balance of interest on the shelves with a collection of objects carefully selected for colour and texture. The golden rules are group objects in 3’s or 5’s with various heights and stick to the accent colour from top to bottom scattered amongst the other items.

A Modern Look For Your Favourite Armchair Corner

"modern armchair corner"

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This is a modern look that anyone looking to add a modern armchair corner will simply love. The iconic style chair is the centrepiece that coordinates beautifully with the simple but stunning open shelving behind it.

Using tall vases and objects that pick out the subtle grey of the scatter cushion you have a look that is clean and modern rather than cluttered. With the pop of the warm golden orange colour added you have a very designer look that can be created very easily ad inexpensively.


  1. Armchair corners are something that can turn your living room into a haven of interest that will have every visitor heading straight there to sit down.
  2. Choose you favourite style of armchair and create something very special behind it with open shelving.
  3. Have fun looking out for those “perfect” accessories (it may even be from your next weekend break or holiday) 
  4. Keep to the 3’s and 5’s rules of grouping objects together, stay with your one accent colour and vary the heights of your objects for best effect. Add lighting for the perfect atmosphere to make your armchair corner magical and all yours!

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